Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Questions and Answers: What about the Audio?

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Hello! I am really excited about the reading schedule and following along with you guys!! (If you missed the chronological Bible reading schedule, check out the post for 12/31/2010.) I did have a question as far as the preacher preaching along with it. Will there be audio somewhere so that I may follow along with that as well?

Thanks a bunch!


Reply: Yes. All the sermons preached at West Huntsville are available online at It’s a rich audio library that has become a personal favorite source of reference for me as I try to evangelize. I often refer women who have questions to the site, as well, since now there are files on many, many Bible topics and the material gives better answers than those I would compose. I think we get the most hits following the third Sunday night of each month, when Glenn does Bible-related questions and answers submitted by members of the congregation as well as visitors. That night is also our best attended Sunday night service. Go check it out!

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