Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Questions and Answers: Should we say we are raising church leaders? Is that arrogant?

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I have a question for you… Do you think it is arrogant for me to say that we are raising our son to be a possible elder one day? I’ve gone on to say that I think every parent should raise their daughters to be future elders’ wives and their sons to be elders. Not that they will all do that, but knowing the grave responsibility that is involved and the huge mistakes that can be made that can cost that possibility, I just thought as parents it might help us to make better decisions for our kids if we kept that in the forefront of our minds. Love you!

That is every parent’s responsibility, if he/she has boys…to raise them with the Titus 1, I Timothy 3 qualifications. Which of these qualifications is not expected of every Christian man? The answer: only the ones about marriage and kids. Thus, we should be raising our boys to be elders if they marry and have kids.  Let me say it again:  If you want your kids to marry one day and have kids, you want them to be qualified to be elders or wives of elders. Hello?!! Saying this is my desire as a parent seems very natural. It is simply confessing the truth…that as parents we are committed to the Christ. It’s one more way we confess Him before the world. What is arrogant about that? It’s a hallmark of submission; not arrogance.
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