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Questions and Answers: Info on Infertility/Miscarriage?

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The following note I received via facebook has some great thoughts about the learning capacity of young children as it relates to our expectations in worship. The website to which she refers from which contains the sermons to which she listens is

Then please notice her query at the bottom of her letter. If some of you have found materials that might be helpful, feel free to E-mail me or facebook me your ideas and I will compile and list them on an upcoming post. Representatives of the women in God’s family from all around the globe: one of the amazing phenomena of the internet. Information shared by those who have experience: one of the blessings of “Titus 2 women” around the globe. Here’s the letter:

Just wanted to send you a note and let you know how much I appreciate your blog and books!

I am a kindergarten teacher and do not have children yet.

I thought of this last night and decided I would share this with you. We have worked in Jamaica Missionary Campaigns for several years. Last year, I had two little Jamaican girls who would sit with me during the gospel meeting each night and take notes (off of my notes) from the hour long (or more) sermon. In the US, I think we underestimate what our children are capable of. Parents give them coloring books or toys to play with during worship when they can be following along with the lesson and taking notes. These girls who sat with us each night for two weeks were 6 and 7 years old! They did such a great job of following along during the lesson and would even correct us if we wrote the wrong Scripture reference!
I was listening to one of your husband’s lessons online on the West Huntsville website yesterday and thought “This would be such a great way to teach children how to take notes during a lesson!” Since it is an audio recording, you can pause it when necessary to catch up or find a Scripture, etc. As I said earlier, I do not have children, but as a teacher-I see many times parents who are shocked at what their kids can do. If you have high expectations and high support, they can do great things! I don’t know if that would be something you can share with other parents or just tell the people at West Huntsville how much I enjoy the lessons online!

I also wanted to ask you know of any literature for Christian women who are dealing with infertility/miscarriage……I have looked online for many resources and have found tons of denominational things, but nothing written by anyone from the church. I know that this is something many people deal with but not many people discuss. My husband and I are dealing with this privately, and it would be nice to have some scriptural literature to go to (other than the Bible of course!) for support. I am far from being a good writer, but it makes me think maybe I should talk with others and try to write something. I am at the rambling point now, so I will stop!

Thanks again for all you do in your work for the Lord. You are greatly appreciated!


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