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Pretty Early in the Morning! (Click on some excitement today!)

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You have to get up pretty early in the morning if you want to beat me to the excitement that’s waiting in this brand new day. Actually, I was at the four-way-stop in my little community this morning at 5:10 and I commented to my husband, “Whoa!…There are lots of people who are pretty committed to the cause!” I was amazed because I have never been at the four-way-stop at 5 in the morning to see that there is an early morning truck-driver hustle at the gas pumps and in the coffee line. I have seen it now and, although I’m impressed, I can sleep right through it from now on. 
Three things you should know about today: First, tonight is Digging Deep Nugget Night. If you are part of the growing phenomenon of ladies who are studying through the Book in the facebook group Digging Deep, then you will want to be online tonight at 8 EST. You can type in your comments and questions or you can call in and comment using the number on the screen. We’ll spend an hour recounting our September study of Genesis and regrouping to complete it and press forward to the great Deliverance story of Exodus. For those of us who grew up in the pre-PC era, this is pretty amazing history we are making here: fellowship and interactive Bible study with sisters all over the world. Can it get better? 
Secondly, there are lots of you who have, in the last few days, requested the KidSing  cards for helping kids (and their moms) know where to find people and events in scripture. I can vouch for the effectiveness of this system. I know that Ananias and Sapphira are in Acts five and that the qualifications of elders and deacons are in First Timothy three. I know that Naaman’s leprosy is in Second Kings five and that the Wise Man/Foolish Man is in Matthew seven. I know these things because of super fun drills that we do at West Huntsville every Sunday night for fifteen minutes. What’s even more impressive, though, is that lots of four-year-olds know this stuff, too! So many, maybe like you, have gotten the cards from our website, but you can’t get the whole learning picture without seeing the program in progress. So, thanks to Glenn Colley, the Gospel Broadcast Network (GBN), and a superbly smart and beautiful group of West Huntsville kids, we are proud to bring you a sample. That’s right. This morning, you are privy to the world premier of KidSing, destined to be an eternally relevant broadcast. So, when you finish reading, click and enjoy. I think you will be happy you took the time.

Thirdly, the DVDs from “This is War” have resurfaced from the editing phase and are ready for the copying phase. So, if you ordered a set of these very timely lessons from Sheila Butt, be looking for them soon in your mailbox. We know they will translate into deeper faith and greater commitment in the lives of those who hear. We are grateful for the recording/editing work of Robert and Emily Hatfield and the production work of Jennifer Benavides, Patsy Hill and B.C. Smith. 
Stuff like these three important projects aren’t happening by accident. There are lots of people who are “pretty committed to the cause” behind each one (and I am NOT referring to me). I am blessed to the max to get to walk through a few doors opened by God through His amazing servants all around me. God’s people are getting up pretty early in the morning and it thrills my soul.
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