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Parents Have to do Homework

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Parents Have to do Homework. It’s Simply Imperative.

I’ve sat across the table from more than one Christian mom who shared with me that her teenage son or daughter no longer believed in God. This is not a fun conversation. It usually involves sharing a box of Kleenex and my attempts to make a friend focus on what can still be done rather than drowning in the regret of lost opportunities.

The Devil’s Number One Lie

I was lunching one day about a dozen years ago with my friend Sharon. Somehow we began to talk about our kids and spiritual- ity. I asked her if she knew why her daughter, Ellen, had never become a Christian. She began to cry. To make a long story short, Sharon told me that she and her husband Brent had emphasized academic excellence in their home. They expected serious study and excellent grades, both of which their daughter had achieved. But one day, she came home from school and just explained that all the people who had written her textbooks were very smart— PhD’s in their respective fields. “Who am I, a mere 17-year-old to challenge their well-established ‘truths’ about the age of the earth, the origin of life and the history of man? I just am really very doubtful about the existence of God.” Sharon is not alone in hearing this startling statement. It’s happening to faithful moms all over our country. And, sadly, like Ellen, many of those children are now parents, approaching their thirties, and still not Christians. They are now raising the second generation of non-believers, only this new generation has very little chance of even knowing God.

The devil loves this scenario. He is working overtime to get His number one lie (There is no God) in the hearts of your children. He is using the media and the governmentally controlled system of education to accomplish this.

Many teachers in the public system still believe in Jehovah and are in a mission field doing what they can to plant the seed in a very restricted environment. This is encouraging. But even so, the very basis of all textbook “truth” is the denial of the existence of God and the promotion of the theory of organic evolution, and this theory is most often not presented as a theory at all. It is taken for granted that young readers already ascribe to this “truth.” Statements like “Millions of years ago when…” or “Back in the days of prehistoric man…” or “When dinosaurs roamed the earth in the days before man…,” are commonplace in science, history, geography, social studies, philosophy and sociology studies. In plain terms, it is as if there is no alternative for reasonable people but to accept this theory as fact, before progressing through the study at hand.

The real facts are that this theory remains unproven and outside the realm of provability. Though your children will be shown all kinds of timelines and charts and very sophisticated-looking materials, the material has been produced in the imaginations of men and there is much evidence in the world around us that is ir- reconcilable with the evolutionary theories presented in your kids’ textbooks. The 2008 film “Expelled—No Intelligence Allowed,” produced by Nathan Frankowski and hosted by Ben Stein, show- cases the prejudice that exists in our American education system against any beliefs about the origins of life except the evolutionary theory. Reasonable, evidence- backed theories based on a plausible design/designer theory are just not allowed a hearing in the world of academia today. I believe, if I may oversimplify, that this expulsion of information from our schools is driven by money, politics and immorality in society. There are certain industries and movements that have experienced serious growth as atheism and agnosticism have grown in our society. Abortion, embryonic stem cell research, the gay rights movement, and all sorts of politically correct environmental and tolerance related initiatives cannot be funded if large numbers of people become people of real faith. These initiatives, in turn, pour money into the public schools and drive the National Education Association. Giving audience to plausible evidence of the creation of the universe by a Supreme Being is very damaging to some extremely powerful agendas, not to mention some very arrogant egos. Those who would suggest an alternate theory are often simply dismissed, out of hand, as being backward extremists.

Thus there’s an obvious calling for all Christian parents, whether our children are in the system or are educated privately.  It is imperative, for parents of faith, to make sure the “other side“ of the great origins debate is presented to our children.

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