Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

One Pre-existing Condition

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President Obama has stated that by 2014, thirty million people who have previously been uninsured will have the “right” to healthcare in the United States. Putting aside the obvious reality that someone will be paying for the “goods” that someone else is using, the fact that healthcare is not a “right” at all, but, rather, a blessing, and that the care of truly needy people is the responsibility of God’s people; not government, I am still left with a huge disconnect in my mind. President Obama wants to insure that all Americans have access to healthcare regardless of pre-existing conditions. But there were fifty million Americans who were never secure in any system of American healthcare. They were consistently denied access to life saving medical professionals and technology. They have been excluded for fifty years now from every health care initiative’s benefits. They have been denied access to even basic primary care that even people in third world countries can expect. They all had just one pre-existing condition that disqualified them from American healthcare. It’s not that they were diseased. It is not that they were at high genetic or environmental risk for health complications. The one preexisting condition that consistently kept them out of the health care system: they all lived in wombs.

Fifty million Americans, left out of the healthcare system, have died as a result of this exclusion. That’s the national healthcare crisis that alarms me most. Let’s cover the next fifty million of those people first. Let’s legislate in their behalf first. If we are going to talk about the “right” of healthcare, let’s first take a good hard look at those who are truly excluded. Not only does no one step up to insure their access to life-saving medical care, but there is no system in place for any out-of-pocket healthcare from any sources for any of these people. It’s a national travesty. Perhaps it was one or more of the fifty million unprotected dead who would have come up with the answer to the healthcare “crisis” our nation faces. God knows.

Do we really think God can bless our healthcare initiatives when they include tax dollars for killing the innocents? “In all your plans, acknowledge Him and he will direct your paths” (Proverbs 3:6) A healthcare plan void of that acknowledgement is misdirected and will fail.

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