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It’s not often that I advertise for any organization other than the church of our Lord, but Lads to Leaders, an organized tool to help our young people grow into leaders for that church is where I make an exception for the exceptional.

I do not know whether or not my own kids would be teaching and preaching and working in the kingdom had it not been for Lads to Leaders. I believe they would. I would like to hope that the years of home training and of just doing the Lord’s work in our family as they were growing up would have impacted their decisions to work as adults in a positive way, even without the tool that LADS is. But I do know this: There are some things that they are NOT nervous today about doing that would be very difficult without the regimented training we did in preparation for LADS conventions. There are some areas of leadership that come naturally for them today as a result of “learning the ropes” in LADS that did not come as naturally for their parents who grew up without the LADS benefit. There are about 5000 Bible verses that we collectively learned that we would likely have not been organized enough to master without the program that kept us on track. I know we would have done whatever we knew to keep our kids faithful, but we are glad that Lads was a part of “what we knew” at the time Caleb and Hannah were growing up. The program just helped us set goals and achieve them.

Let me clearly say that I know we were not perfect parents. I also know that, even now, to our deepest sorrow, our children could leave the faith. But, if they do, I believe it will be in spite of the “edge” that our family’s participation in Lads gave them. We “tripped” upon Lads when Caleb was eight years old and we moved to Jasper, Alabama where they were beginning a Lads program at the Sixth Avenue church. From that point on, no matter where we were living, we were very intentional about being sure we started a program or joined in an already existing one. It was always worth the effort.

If you think your congregation might be able to send a delegation this year to check out the benefits, call the Lads office today. If you want to go as an individual family, there’s still time if you call today. In fact, your children can still participate in events this year, if you call today. The best part about going this year, even if you just observe, is this: Your kids will leave the convention THIS year ALL excited about the events they plan to do throughout the NEXT year for His glory in the kingdom. That’s worth the effort of a last minute plan! Go here for the information you need: You could be glad about this last minute decision for a very long time.

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