Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Not Up For Debate

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I have to admit that as I watched the presidential debates I did some armchair debating. I was quick to say, “NO!…say this…!” or “But you are not answering the question!” Sometimes we have some good healthy debates in the comments that follow the posts on this blog. That can be great for our minds and sometimes it can change our hearts, causing us to see something from scriptures or from lives that we may have missed before.

Some things are simply not up for debate, though. Regarding some issues there exists absolute truth. When absolute truth about a subject is present, it must settle the issue. Absolute truth cannot be changed by any amount of input or debate. It is fixed. There are certain points of absolute truth that are very relevant as we enter the voting booth. I hope you can take the time to listen to the following message presented last Sunday at the West Huntsville church of Christ at Providence. It’s spot on. Please pass it on if you can think of someone who may be influenced to responsibly vote after considering some things that are not up for debate.

Audio – 7 Things Not Up For Debate


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