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New Month of KABAD…Not Too Late to Get Started!

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Today is October 1st.  Incidentally, this is a memorable and sweet day of the year for me; the day, all those years ago at FHU, when Glenn and I went on our very first date ( But it’s also the first day of a new month of GLORY. I hope you are going to enjoy studying his creative genius as much as I enjoyed the overview when writing this material. I’m excited about this month!

The main message today is “It’s not too late!” If you have not already committed to this year of study with us, I just want you to know, doubling up for the month of October and spending a couple of weeks catching up (doing the September study) and then a couple of weeks doing the October study is really not hard at all. (I know several women who started on September first and are already on month four.) I’m speaking a bunch of times this month and I am going to keep on encouraging groups of women to download the study or get the book and catch up with us. It’s very do-able and you’ll be blessed. The materials, as always, are at and everything you need to know is on the introductory video archived on the facebook page Digging Deep in God’s Word. Lots of helpful ladies are over on that page and they are always so kind to help me answer any questions. We’re there for you!

Also, don’t forget that Jennifer needs your group photo (large groups and even duos) on the DD page no later than October 15th, if you want to be in the opening credits for the podcasts. That’s  a lot of fun to watch if you’re behind the camera. It’s kind of reassuring to let the hosts know that a lot of women are supporting the effort! (For you North Alabama women, the get-together at Kim’s, if that ends up happening, might be our only chance! We’ll check with Jen!)

So, this month: the glory (attributes of our God) in creation all around us. It’s a beautiful time of year to be contemplating that greatness. I think His greatness is going to be illuminated in the hues of falling leaves, pumpkins and chrysanthemums. I hope you get to think about it with your Bible and your GLORY book open while sipping your hot cocoa or cider in a stoneware mug. ( Or you can have it on the table beside the chair you use to nurse your baby between refereeing the toddlers and cleaning up the messes and changing the diapers). Whichever way you do it, you’ll be blessed and there will, someday if not now, be a day for serenity with your study. Pray that the entirety of this year’s study will bring Him glory.

And, like so many women with who I’ve been corresponding this week, use “kabad “ in your daily vocabulary. One lady wrote of a death in her family. One wrote about a sickness. One shared a personal problem.  And some shared joyful times. Many used the descriptive Hebrew word. This month, let’s look for it in the beauty around us!


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