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New Facebook Group is a Gathering!

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Well, lots of you have joined a new facebook group called Digging Deeper in God’s Word created since my last BYH post. Good for you! I awakened from a much needed nap last Monday afternoon to discover that my inboxes were FULL of requests, comments, and posts on and about the new facebook group. Checking it out, I discovered that I was an administrator and that it was a group of women who are all about the Word of God. Now I do NOT have to tell you that I love this idea and am thankful to Lori Lynn Rives for its conception. If you are a member, make it count and be in the Word. If you are in the Word, come on and be a member.

I’m also excited to tell you that you can order a 4 CD set which complements this reading schedule. The CDs contain tips and tools for getting the most out of this study, as well as an exegesis of the Hebrews writer’s admonition to be carnivorous (meat-eaters) in our study. Just call House to House/Heart to Heart at 1-877-338-3397 (toll free) and ask for the Digging Deeper CDs by Cindy Colley. The PTP team has put together this set, especially for the Digging Deeper Group, for only ten dollars. Several have already ordered and I understand the sets will ship immediately.

So encourage others who may just be beginning a journey that will lead them to lots of hidden treasures before the path turns to streets of gold. Technology is an amoral gift that can be used for immorality or morality, darkness or light, destruction or life. We choose morality, light and life. Tonight as I go to bed, I am praying for this group, for every member’s growth and spiritual health and for the Word to be reflected through the powerful force of these numbers of women who are studying. We (beginning with me) all need the light of the Lamp (Psalm 119:105).

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. (Matthew 18:20)

I believe this group is a gathering! Let me share a note from a sister in Hawaii who is a testament to technology’s power to bring us together in fellowship and study.

Aloha Mrs. Colley!
An older Christian lady who I look up to for spiritual guidance and encouragement would link some of your blogs on her Facebook page. I enjoyed it so much I subscribed last year and always smile when I see a new blog in my email. I forwarded some of the blogs to my friends and they enjoyed it so much that they subscribed themselves. Thank you for taking the time to encourage us young ladies to live a life serving, honoring, praising, and loving our LORD! At our congregation, there aren’t many older ladies to whom I can go for encouragement, advice or to have an in depth bible study. In times like this, I am thankful for technology…because I’ve learned a lot through your blogs (about modesty, dancing/proms, parenting, etc) and listening to past lectures at PTP. I live in Hawaii and wish so much I lived in the continental US so I can drive to these events. But for now…the internet will make do. I thoroughly enjoyed the audio for the “This is War” retreat/seminar. I was hoping the audio would be made available and was thrilled that you included the link in today’s blog. I am thankful for this opportunity to be reminded about my priorities and serving our LORD. I am a single parent and these lessons help me to raise my son to be a God-fearing person and one day, be a faithful Christian who will lead his family to love and honor the LORD. Thank you for your time and I continue to look forward to your blogs to supplement my daily personal bible studies to grow in faith! Best wishes from Hawaii nei!
In Christian love,

The continental U.S. is blessed to be connected and share events in which so many in other places cannot participate. Let’s remember that our real “mainland” is heaven and let’s all keep longing for the time when there are no barriers of geography or distance!

More Bible Study Tips from BYH readers:

“I have gained the most from my in-depth studies by doing a word study of the book or letter. I read through the book several times and look for re-appearing words. Using different colored pencils, I color code the key words by underlining them. It really helps me to to see the development of the themes of the book. I also like to use an online program called e-sword to look up the passages with key words to find out the original Greek meaning.” –Kristen Turner
“…what works best for me, is to go outside, in a special spot I have put a bench, just for that purpose.  I live in the country so being in a quiet peaceful area surrounded with evidence of Gods existance, really makes me feel “spiritual” and eager to learn and read more.  Sometimes I only take my bible and read thru my daily chapters, and sometimes I take a study book to read along with with the indicated verses.  When I am outside, I am away from the dishes calling me from the sink, the computer and the phone, all of which seem to demand my attention.  It helps me keep my focus, when I hear the birds singing, the flowers blooming and the deep green of grass. the sunrise, and the cool of the day.  Obviously that is my summertime study place.  In winter, I have a bench inside the house, made comfy with an old quilt, in a corner away from those distracting items!” –Lois Stone
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