Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Magnify Him!

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As you read today, I am in West Palm Beach, Florida. It’s an extreme privilege to be able to address women from some 15 congregations in South Florida about the Lord of Lords. As I prepare this topic, a big obstacle to my preparation keeps resurfacing. How can I, a weak mortal, sin-laden woman expect to comprehend, much less convey the magnificence of the Lord of Lords?

When you magnify print, you make it larger to your eye. You have to get that glass just right for your line of vision or the glass does no good at all. Sometimes people desperately need the Lord. But he is not always clearly visible to them as the answer they need. We, as Christians, sometimes are the glass. We serve to enlarge the Lord to them. We make His all sufficiency clearer to them. We project His image in the boldest print. We just magnify Him to those around us.

Psalm 69:30 says I can magnify God with thanksgiving. Do I show others His greatness by constantly expressing my gratitude to Him and others around me for His mercies? Job 36:24 says we magnify Him because of His work which men behold. When we comment to others about the beautiful full moon, the rainbow, the dogwoods, the storm, the snow or the deer, do we mention the greatness of their Designer? Ezekiel 38:23 talks about the magnificence of God in a context of the fierceness of his judgment. Do I ever even speak about the judgment of God? This characteristic must be enlarged in our culture in which God’s grace is often magnified to the exclusion of the impending judgment. His grace is relevant (needed) only because of the judgment over which his mercy triumphs (James 2:13).

You get the point. The characteristics of God are righteous altogether.  They are unchanging and they are what make God…God. But we are the magnifiers. We are the enlargers. While we do not enlarge the Lord of Lords Himself, for He is the fullness of Him who fills all in all, we can magnify or enlarge Him in the sight of unbelievers. The print on the page remains the same size, but the glass makes it look big to the reader. People see God through us. We can, even in our weakness,  cause them to see the perfection of God that they might otherwise overlook. In the process, we may bring them along to heaven with us.

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