Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

It’s September 1st!

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It is September 1st! Go find the comfort His Word gives us and transform it into more love for Him, more faith in His Word and more opportunities to affect eternity. I promise, I’ll stop posting so many housekeeping t-shirt, study guide posts and we will get down to the Word! Did I mention I am needing this study?

1. For fun, if you get a chance, post a pic. Let us know where you’re studying. Hashtag: #whereintheworldisdiggingdeep. 

Especially, if there are digger sitings as you travel, be sure to take a pic of fellow diggers and digger reunions in fun places. (Like this weekend, I know some sisters who are having a mini-reunion kick-off for the year’s study. I wanted to go so badly, BUT I do think I am getting over COVID. Glenn is all over this house trying to figure out what rubber is burning and I can’t smell a thing!) 

2. Also, We found a few more odd sizes of the more generic t-shirts in the basement. It’s this graphic on a light blue Comfort Colors shirt.  Does anyone want either of these for 9 dollars plus shipping? (The one Kaitlyn’s wearing…) Just claim here, in the comments, if you do. I’ll send and, when you receive, you can paypal or send a check. I have 3 Smalls, 6 XXLs, and 4 XXXXLs. Remember, if you want the current black shirt or hoodie, deadline is Saturday night.

3. Keep inviting. It’s not too late. Someone you know could be a Christian by this time next year and it COULD just be a simple invitation to join you or your little group to get comfort from the Word! This would not be the first conversion from the DD study! The Word is the power and our little voices are just the prompt that exposes that powerhouse. Don’t let your timidity or silence get in the way of the power that saves (Romans 1:16). 

“For I am not ashamed of (I do not feel shame about) the gospel (glad tidings), for it’s the power (dynamis—the inherent mighty work) of God to salvation (deliverance, safety). “ Romans 1:16.  I want to give the “dynamis” full sway in lives that need deliverance around me!

4. So…1…2…3…GO!

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