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Israel/Rome Digging Deep 2022…Register Now!

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Now is the time to sign up for the DIgging Deep Israel trip! It’s now open to all members of the body and it’s just about as close to heaven as you will get on this earth. My husband, the one who is always very practical–sometimes even cynical–had a hard time biting the bullet in 2019 to spend the time and money to do something so expensive and demanding as to go to Israel for ten days. (“Spend our vacation time working our heads off?!”…I can still hear him.) But he did it mostly for me and DIgging Deep. But now, he is the one who can’t stop talking about how life-changing and faith-building the trip, for Him, turned out to be. He cannot wait to go back. Me, either! But this time we are also going to ROME!. We will see what the original apostles saw in the region of Judea during those three years with Jesus (along with sites of important Old Testament events) and then we’ll see the ruins of first century Rome, where the late-coming apostle Paul spent his final incarcerated months. If it’s possible for you to go, you should. You will see some things you will never “unsee” (in a good way!) And seeing them through the lens of simple New Testament Christianity, instead of modern Catholicism or commercialism is the chance of a lifetime. One sister who is going with us this time has traveled to many places all around the globe. but she said this: “The reason my husband and I have never been to Israel is because we wanted to do this trip with members of the body of Christ. We know it will be so much more meaningful this way.” She is right.

We have 22 signed up. We max out at around fifty, but a dozen more than we have

Diggers at the pool of Siloam

now would be perfect! Diggers are especially encouraged to come. We will be doing a podcast from the same area from which our Lord broadcasted in A.D. 30! Just think of that! Our podcast will quickly be forgotten, but its subject will be much the same as that sermon that will never pass away, preached on that hillside near the sea of Galilee. We will worship in close proximity to the spots in which our Lord and the apostles sang and prayed. We sing and pray together daily as we travel.

Let me know if I can help in any way. We will be departing from Newark, NJ on October 31, 2022. All vaccination and testing requirements, as of now, have been lifted both going into the Middle East and returning home. It is a great time to celebrate that! Come do that with us!
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