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Israel ’22!

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On the Sea of Galilee with Kate. It was a memorable trip, to say the least,  for these sisters.

The Digging Deep Israel/Rome trip is being planned as we speak. I’m excited to tell you that, Lord willing, the travel will occur during the first two weeks of November of 2022. This should be a more pleasant time of year for temperatures than our last unseasonably hot trip in May of 2019. We will likely be leaving from Nashville, Tennessee and then have ten days in the Bible lands. I’m very excited to spend a bit of our time in Rome, Italy to see the city of Paul’s imprisonment, later evangelism and subsequent death for Christ. We will get to see some of the amazing places where our Lord walked and worked in Judea. The latter may be the part about which I am most excited because the first trip in 2019 just made my cup (for appreciation of Israel) larger than it was before ever going there at all. There are so many sites I want to see again and view with more discerning and introspective eyes. I am very thankful we did not plan this trip for 2021 (as we initially had thought about doing). I trust and pray that by the end of 2022, we will think about Covid as a somewhat distant memory. God is a great provider!

Ruins of Chorazin, where our Lord did many “mighty works”…

The cost of the trip, though not completely finalized, as it is too early to book flights, will be likely be approximately $5000.00 per person. Digging Deep participants (of any years, past or present) and spouses will be the first to be able to sign up for the trip at any point during the year 2021. You will reserve your spot by paying a deposit to Bible Land passages (more details soon). Then, in January of 2022, the trip will opened up to those Christians who are not Digging Deep participants. So be thinking and talking at your dinner table and making your plans. We will, once again, be having Digging Deep studies for women in many very relevant geographical  spots and there will be times of worship for the entire group.

Bus bonding!

I cannot tell you how vast the chasm is between taking this trip with non-Christians and experiencing it with the Lord’s people. I do not ever want to make this pilgrimage with people who do not love and live the Word. Our fellowship, in 2019, was close, warm and wonderful. Our singing was beautiful and the prayers were fervent. None of us will ever be quite the same after being together for ten memorable days. We had Christians from all areas of the US, and  from New Zealand and Australia. I know this trip will not be an exact replication, but the Lord’s people will make it a little foyer of heaven, itself. I can’t wait!

Between now and then, I’ll be writing more little verbal glimpses of some of the spots we’ll see in this blog. You may want to visit, as well. Many thanks to John and Carla Moore for their enthusiasm about our return trip and their patience with our group as we try to plan travel in an uncertain and chaotic time. We are so blessed.

4000-year-old “Abraham’s Gate”… I could not believe I was looking at a place where he walked when he went to rescue Lot!

Be praying. Be planning. Be saving. Be prepared for a trip that impacts your faith and future for Him!

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