Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

If you can, GO! But if not…

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I think I sometimes fail to mention the great amount of good that comes from a program held yearly in Sevierville, TN in August called Polishing the Pulpit. It’s the highlight of the Colleys’ yearly speaking events, for sure,  and I would highly recommend saving your energy, vacation time, and money to make it a part of your agenda this or any year it’s possible for you to attend. It used to be for preachers. Now it’s for everybody who’s serious about faithfulness and evangelism. The women’s programs, in my estimation are second to none in the world, not because I speak, but in spite of that fact.  You can go to for details.
It is so exciting to remember that only about ten years ago I was speaking for the first-ever PTP women’s program and we had one session per day with a total of about twelve women. My Hannah was in charge of childcare during the class. She was fourteen. Those who attend in 2011 will enjoy fellowship with hundreds of Christian sisters and sit in classes taught by lots of capable women and on the most relevant topics you can imagine for God’s women. If you can go, just be prepared to look forward to going every year. You’ll be hooked for life! (And the babysitter for that first year has spoken on the program for PTP and this year is looking forward to attending with her new husband! Time flies when you are having fun!)
And now, there’s a complete Bible school for elementary aged children, a great staff to care for preschoolers, and a full spiritual program for teens. It would be worth your while to be there if only for your kids! And, have I mentioned that hundreds of husbands grow into better spiritual leaders as a result of this event each year? (If you are the wife of one of these “leaders” I would love to hear from you. You may influence some other family to grow toward heaven by being part of PTP.) Can you tell I’m a fan yet?
But, in the event you are unable to attend, the next best thing (a distant next-best) is purchasing some of the “best of” series from the PTP website. These CD sets are great for the car, and will drive your study time to greater depths than you have before experienced. So look over these sets on the PTP website if you can’t be there in person. I have included a short note from a sister that reminded me to promote the agenda of Polishing the Pulpit. That agenda reaches beyond the scope of time and space into eternity itself!
Dear Cindy,
I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to talk with me recently at the Ladies Day at Riverbend church of Christ in Dalton, Georgia (it was in April).  I really enjoyed the lesson you and Hannah gave on Hospitality.  It was very nice to see you both and visit with you guys!  I always enjoying hearing and studying with the saints!  Both of your lessons inspired me and I have taken things from those lessons and tried to implement them. 

Also at the Ladies Day I bought  “Best of Series: Home and Heart” which I have enjoyed so very much I can’t even begin to tell you and I look forward to hearing them over and over.  I was recently in Chattanooga, or should say I went to Chattanooga on purpose so that I could buy “Best of Series: Women in the Church” and my kids some new Apologetic Press books and of course Digger Doug (These are from  Love the Women in the Church series as well and I want to become more useful and this has been a great learning tool for me.  I hope to be able to put what I have learned from these lessons to work!  I am so eager and wanting to do that!…
Have a great day!
Kellee Southlin

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