If There Is Anything Worthy of Praise – Philippians 4:8

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Is there anything or anybody in your life on this Memorial Day that’s worthy of your praise and thanksgiving? Especially, on this day, think of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that you could be enjoying whatever it is that you are doing in our democratic republic. God wants you to take an accounting and think about those people and commodities. He wants you to forget about your needs and desires for a while and think about the myriad of undeserved favors granted you by other people and by Him.  When you think about praise for very long, you will soon be speaking words of praise.  The songs of praise that you sing in worship will become more fervent. You will become a more thankful person, a happier person, and you will ultimately draw closer to God.

If you don’t have time to take this accounting and offer this praise to God today, you are too absorbed in material blessings.  Quickly get a grip on what’s very temporal and what’s lasting. Pause with your loved ones, especially the children in your life, to talk about blessings in your lives that are praiseworthy. Perhaps you will even want to sing a song of praise to the Father with them. The command at the bottom of the verse is “…think on these things.”  If  we really do stop and think, we will stop and thank.

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