Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

How to Spot a Sanctified Person – Part One

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by Cindy Colley

  1. Sanctified people make early decisions not to defile themselves (Daniel 1:8). Do you know teenagers who confidently walk away from situations in which many of their peers are making ruinous decisions? It may be because they decided something a long time ago. It could be that on some warm cocoa nights on the sofa with Mom and Dad, long before the teen years they decided some places they would never go, some activities in which they would never engage. It may be that they just purposed a long time before the temptation reared its ugly head that they would not defile themselves. It may be that they are sanctified.
  2. Sanctified people make appeals to those in authority to allow righteous actions to continue (Daniel 1:12,13). Have you ever known someone in the work place who asked the boss to allow her to place a flyer about a religious activity on the bulletin board in the break room? Have you ever known a teenager in middle school who asked her gym teacher if she could wear a more modest “gym-suit” for that mixed PE class? Have you ever known a biology teacher to appeal to her administration for permission to teach the “theory” of creation in her public school classroom? This could be a sanctified person.
  3. Sanctified people are willing to ask even their superiors for time and a chance (Daniel 2:16) Have you known someone who was brave in evangelism; someone who didn’t flinch when asking a co-worker–even a superior– to study the Bible? Have you ever known someone who was bold enough to say, “I sure wish you’d take a look at Christianity. I’d like to help you find a better life in Christ?” That may be a sanctified person.
  4. Sanctified people ask their friends in the Lord to pray for them (Daniel 2:18). Do you have a friend who regularly asks you to remember her in prayer/ Do you know someone who relies on her sisters to beseech the Lord for her when she is tempted, when she is in hot water with a non-believer or when she is facing illness or stressful times? Do you know some sisters who really gain strength from the Digging Deep for Encouragement  women of prayer? You may know some sanctified women!
  5. Sanctified people are praising God (Daniel 2:19-23). Do you know someone who is quick to talk of her wonderful God when she sees a beautiful or powerful work of nature (vs. 21)? Does she talk about how her God is in control even when it looks like the government is falling to corruption and debt (vs. 21)? Does she praise God for His revelation, the Bible, when she prays? Does she excitedly talk to him in times of victory and success? She may be a friend who is sanctified.
  6. Sanctified people are good to their enemies (Daniel 2: 24). In fact that’s a good way to pick out those who are truly set apart from the world. Do you have a friend who goes out of her way to be nice to those who may be aloof or even ugly toward her? If so, you are a rich girl! You likely have a sanctified friend who will go to any lengths to help you go to heaven.
  7. Sanctified people give God the credit for their successes (Daniel 2:28). Do you have one humble friend who refuses to boast save in the cross? Does she often say, “It’s not anything for which I can take credit. This is a blessing from God”? You may have a sanctified friend. Be happy and take lessons from her!
  8. Sanctified people are loyal friends (Daniel 2:49). I know you know those people you can call at a moment’s notice and you know they’ll be right there if you really need them. The one you would be most likely to call in an emergency may be a sanctified friend–one who is not so wrapped up in the cares of daily life that she can’t just drop whatever is the task of the moment to come to your aid.

The book of Daniel gives us some great word snapshots of sanctified people. I hope you will join us Tuesday night at 7 CST for a great discussion of this rich book and its life lessons for women in 2013. The list continues Thursday here at Bless Your Heart!

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