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HOPE set featured in Christian Family Magazine

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This is exciting news for the new HOPE set from The Colley House. Christian Family magazine featured the set in its winter issue. Thanks to editors, Moises Pinedo and Paul Holland, for capturing the purpose and plan for this family or congregational Bible study program for all ages. We’ve been excited for a while about this five part set. It’s a study guide, a game, a timeline, flash cards and an application card set. It’s at least a year of learning for your family (I’d say more like two years worth if you’re thorough with your kids.) It’s character-based and explores people and their place in history—from Adam on– through the pages of the Bible. It’s a blessing that others are seeing it now and being excited with us!

We’re grateful for the beautiful piece in Christian Family about these products.  And if you haven’t looked at Christian Family, you will want to subscribe. The best thing about it is, it’a great and very helpful tool for your family as you grow in Him. The second-best thing about it is that it’s written in English and Spanish and, thus, it’s a fantastic evangelism tool as you meet your Spanish speaking neighbors.  It’s a non-threatening, effective way to deliver the most important news of this lifetime to those who cannot yet just pick up any book or tract and comprehend the message. 

We are blessed to be a little part of this month’s issue of this good publication! You can read about Christian Family here:

You can order the Hope set for your Family or Congregational study here:

Happy 2024! We pray it is a year of growth in the Word for your family!

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