Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

His Comfort in Israel/Rome

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We are leaving for Israel/Rome in three days and I have never felt so unprepared for any trip. I do not yet know what I am going to say in any of our Digging Deep sessions. I have not packed one thing. I’m having company in both my house and cabin as I leave and I am very glad they are all chill —about everything!…Because just about everything is in disarray. I brought home some hampers of laundry from Hannah’s house last night and I have decided “hamper” is a great word to represent what mountains of laundry does to your life. 

But it is well with my soul. I realize that only three weeks ago, I was pretty sure I would be doing this trip without my husband. I was pretty sure and I was, selfishly, pretty bummed. But God provides and, this time, through some very hard things, He provided my favorite travel partner for this trip. Together, we are going to trust the God of all Comfort and know that He is able to provide what we need in every way. I know it will be a most informative and life-changing time with God’s people as we are immersed with evidences that He is our God of all Comfort; that from Zion he still delivers His people from hopelessness. All of the little things that are good at making themselves loom large, really pale into trivia when God’s people take time to ponder the great redemption! I am determined to empty my soul of the trivial distractions and stand in awe as I grasp the arresting reality of what He did in visiting mankind two thousand years ago. It doesn’t matter where we praise Him, of course, but I am longing to praise him from what He called His “holy hill” again (Psalm 2:6).

I don’t know if I will be able to do this, but I am hoping to make, and post, some short video clips, on a child’s level, from various sites in Israel/Rome so that you can show them to your kids at Family Bible time. These are for my grandchildren, but your kids can be my grandkids, too! If you are interested in getting this, I will try and post over on the Digging Deep in God’s Word facebook page. My kids are excited, so I hope it works! Watch that page. 

For those who are going on the trip, please post your pictures and any comments on the Digging Deep in Israel facebook page. This is a public page, so invite your friends to join and watch your travels. This will be fun! (It’s okay if it gets very crowded on that page. We will be enjoying it for years to come!)

The Digging Deep in Israel and Rome facebook group is different. It’s just for the travelers

and contains pertinent information and questions and schedule changes, etc…for those going on the trip. That’s where we will be able to get/give  quick info that we need as we travel. We’re so grateful to the Moores and Bible Land Passages for being so extremely helpful and answering questions quickly and, in general, just being the godly people that they are! (There’s already some great information over there about things to bring to clean and hydrate and even about how much cash you will want to have on your person!) Be sure that you have the guidebook for the trip, either printed or downloaded for easy access. We found that to be extremely useful! 

Thanks to Jennifer Benavides, for helping us get the podcast transmitted and posted from the Sea of Galilee (and for keeping Oreo, Colleyanna’s kitty while we are gone). I hope some of you can watch the podcast live on Monday, the 7th of November at 8:15 am CST. I’m so happy that Julie Orr will be co-hosting! 

I know His comfort will be ours as we strive to glorify Him on this trip. All of the glory is His. That becomes very evident when you are standing in Gethsemane and hearing His words “If it is possible, let this cup pass from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but yours be done,” or when you are sitting on the old temple mound singing “Be still my soul. The Lord is at thy side.” This trip, for which I’m woefully unprepared is just what my soul needs. 

I just hope I’m a little better prepared to cross the “Jordan” when it’s the final crossing from this life to the next! May God bless our passage now and then!

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