Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Gun Free Zones Popular Sites for Gun Violence

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It was a great day at the North Lowndes Church of Christ In Hope Hull, AL. The ladies filled the building and we had to put chairs in the aisle. I cannot remember a time in recent history when that occurred. Neither can I remember a time in recent history when so many dear personal friends of mine–voices and faces from different places and times in my past–surrounded me with such joy. It was just a real treat for me to see the sisterhood so up-close-and-personally lifting me up. After a long week of dealing with many problems on several fronts, it was something that was hugely refreshing for my spirit. So I praise God for His providence of spiritual family and I thank my sisters who were far kinder than I could ever deserve. Most of all, of course, we were blessed by our worship and study together. God is just good!

I’d like to ask blog readers who have a few moments today to listen to a recent lesson by my favorite preacher. (I know we are not to be of Paul and Apollos, but I think it might be okay to be of “husband”–after Christ, of course.) You will find the link below. I just believe it is so very relevant to  the current debate our nation (Congress, the administration, citizens and states) is witnessing about gun control. We hurt over Columbine, Aurora, Blacksburg, Huntsville and Newtown. There were eight school shootings across our nation during the month of January of this year. In Alabama we currently wait and pray for the results of a hostage situation in which a man killed a school bus driver and is holding a five-year-old in a bunker on his property. Surely all Christians are disturbed about the state of a nation in which violence in these gun-free zones is occurring with such frequency. Gun-free zones are obviously only gun-free for those who follow the rules. Criminals like to carry (and use) in gun-free zones best of all.  But what are the answers? While they are not simple, the answers, I believe, transcend diverse eras of time and location. I hope you can download and listen. It’s worth some meditation.

Listen Here

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