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Great Gift Idea for the Homeschool Mom You Know!

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By now, most homeschooling moms in Lord’s church have heard of COCHE (Church of Christ Home Educator’s Retreat). Now in its fifth year, it happens every March in Louisville, KY. I’ve talked with many moms who’ve attended and I’ve yet to speak with one who was disappointed. There’s a lot of curriculum sharing and excellent speakers on everything from learning styles to utilizing the resources in the local church to maintaining sanity when schooling multiples of all ages and personality types. There are give-aways and t-shirts and games. But I think the best thing that happens to moms who attend is the encouragement received from other moms who love the Lord supremely and want their children to go to heaven more than anything else in the world. I know there are plenty of moms who are not formally homeschooling who love the Lord supremely and want their kids to go to heaven, and there are other kinds of parenting retreats that are amazingly encouraging, too. But this one is specifically planned to cater to those who struggle  and commiserate and rejoice over challenges and victories in little heaven-directed homeschools all around this nation. 

I think surely all homeschool moms want to go. But it’s often the moms who are “slammed” financially (all that curriculum on one income) who need to go the most. That’s where grandparents. aunts, mentors and friends can make important and loving investments in the children and homes that they love— homes that are foundational to the body of the Lord.  

SO, here’s a very practical gift you might think about if you’re like me and there are some very precious kids in your life whose favorite teachers are mom and dad. You might want to make a gift of the registration fee which is $ 45.00. Maybe you could pitch in on the accommodations or travel expenses. Maybe you could just make the entire trip a gift from Grandma. What daughter-in-law would not love that?!

This years retreat is March 5-7 with a registration deadline of February 18th (SO you need to get a move on!). You can find all the details at or ask any questions of Vicky Yocum, the founder and creative mastermind behind the retreat at 

We didn’t have many amazing resources like this for my kids as they progressed through our home school. But I’m so thankful they are there as the torch is passed!

And don’t forget. The homeschooling book from The Colley House is on sale now, for a limited time at

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