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Gender Selection Abortion

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Meet my friend Isaiah. Here’s his latest photo.

As you may notice, he still lives in what should be the safest environment in the world…his sweet mother’s womb. As you look at the photo, you are seeing a baby at a gestational age of 25 weeks. His mother was 27 weeks along in her pregnancy. Isaiah weighs just over two pounds in the photos and is a little over a foot long. As you can see, from the following pictures, he’s already being expressive like his father. What you can’t tell is that he looks just like his mother. But, trust me….He does. He’s perfectly formed, perfectly designed, perfectly lovable.

When these photos were taken, it had only been a few short weeks since Isaiah’s mom and dad learned that he was a boy. Now that they know, a boy is what they’re all about. But prior to the revelation of gender, they could have gotten just as excited about ribbons and bows and sugar and spice. Isaiah’s mom and dad are just like all other loving Christian parents. They are praising God for the amazing blessing of life that began in the womb at the point of conception.

But not all parents are like Isaiah’s parents. Some parents don’t want a girl. In fact, some parents are so set on having a boy that they are willing to violently terminate the life of a girl in the latter stages of pregnancy. LifeNews recently did some undercover work in the offices of Planned Parenthood in Austin, Texas to find out just how far the organization would go in not only providing the sex-selection abortion, but also in making sure the ultrasound for gender confirmation is provided by your tax dollars. Here is that shocking office visit. The worst part about it is that it normalizes the whole process of gender-selection abortion, making it seem so very routine and sterile, as if it’s just an every day occurrence. Perhaps it is.

If watching that video did not disturb you, I do not know how to appeal to your moral senses. A few days ago the House of Representatives voted on a bill to ban gender selection abortions in the United States. Tragically, the bill did not pass. Our President voiced his opposition to the bill. Not surprisingly, he supports these late-term gender selection abortions under the big umbrella of “women’s rights”. And, never mind that it’s baby girls who are the victims in the genocide. Feminists want to end the “discrimination against women” by protecting their “right” to kill baby girls. Really? Does anybody else see a blatant inconsistency in Planned Parenthood logic? Bringing the worldwide genocide of baby girls to America under the auspices of “rights for females” is disingenuous, to say the least.

NOW (The National Organization for Women) is strongly urging its supporters to voice their disapproval to the representatives who sponsored and voted for the failed House bill. I am now voicing mine to those who defeated the bill. I am voicing mine in November for the most notable opponent of the bill.

Take one more look at Isaiah. Yep. It’s like the lady at Planned Parenthood said. “His brain is developed. Everything is developed.” She was right. The unborn version of Isaiah has a beating heart, expresses emotion, feels pain, and responds to touch and to sound. He is very much alive. In fact, Isaiah is already capable of living outside his mother’s womb. But he needs his mother, as he finishes up his short stay in the womb, for oxygen and nutrition.

Have you thought about the fact, though, that there is a very real sense in which Isaiah will need his mother even more once he exits the womb? When he exits the womb, he will suddenly need more of her voluntary muscles and less of her involuntary ones. He will need her arms to cradle him, her lips to kiss him, her hands to caress him (and change his diapers), her breasts to feed him, and her voice to soothe him. Thank God that we, as a nation, are not yet willing to put the babies who need the voluntary muscles to death just because they are not the preferred gender. But, as I marvel at Isaiah, I am so sorry for our national sin…that we’ve been willing to kill the unborn Isaiahs…the ones who only need the involuntary muscles–for lots of reasons. Why is it that mothers can withhold the involuntary, making the womb the most dangerous place in America, for babies? It’s because they are selfish…too selfish to exert their voluntary muscles for the little lives they’ve conceived…the little lives that are their own children.

It was another Isaiah who said these words about the eternal Source of life in the womb:

“Thus saith the LORD, thy redeemer, and he that formed thee from the womb, I am the LORD that maketh all things; that stretcheth forth the heavens alone; that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself…” (Isaiah 44:24)

He has formed baby Isaiah. He who sees the sparrow (Matthew 10:29) when it falls is aware of every life destroyed in the womb. There will be a day of reckoning with this One who has the power that “spreads abroad the earth” by himself…the One who claims vengeance (Romans 12:19) and promises to repay. May we seek His mercy while there is yet time.

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