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For the Diggers: The Christ– Better in Hebrews

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It’s 2 a.m. as I finally have pillowed my sleepy head. I’m not sure I’ll get through these characterizations of the Lord that I’ve picked out in Hebrews tonight (this morning, really) as I fall asleep, but the alphabet helps me to contemplate these twenty-six descriptions. Reciting them mentally is a peaceful way to drift off to sleep. I hope your night was peaceful and you live fully this new morning for Him! (There are 2 more upcoming Dig-a-Bits for Month 2. Watch for these as you get ready to start Month 3….And thanks for encouraging each other to hold fast in humble submission to His authority!)

The Christ: Better in Hebrews

A…Author of our Faith (12:2)

B…Better (1:4)

C…Consecrated  (7:28)

D…Deliverer  (2:15)

E…Endurer  (12:3)

F…Forerunner (6:19,20)

G…Glorious (2:8)

H…High Priest (6:20)

I…Intercessor  (7:25)

J…Judgment Mediator (12:23,24)

K…King of Righteousness  (7:2)

L…Lives Forever (7:25)

M…Maker of all (1:10)

N…Never Leaves or Forsakes Us (13:5)

O…Owner of the Church (12:23)

P…Perfect One (5:9; 2:10)

Q…Quick and Living Word (4;12)

R…Ruler of the World to Come (2:5)

S…Suffering Son (2:9)

T…Transporter of Many Sons to Glory (2:10)

U…Undefiled One (7:26)

V…Voice of God (3:7; 1:2)

W…Worker in Us (13:21)

X…X-press Image of God (1:3)

Y…Yesterday, Today and Forever the Same (13:8)

Z…Zion Dweller (12:22)

c. colley

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