Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Family Bible Time: The Next Generation…

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You never know where the results of Family Bible Time might show up or how many years later they may surface. You millennial parents who are so diligent to be doing it every night, be encouraged! The dividends will be for your family, for other families, for this lifetime and for eternity. This little letter made my week. Patrick was on Caleb’s basketball team, in his Sunday School class, and in his third grade Challenge class in Jasper, Alabama. He had great parents, a wonderful grandmother  and a righteous great-grandmother with whom we worshipped there. We were blessed to have him in our home lots of times and he was a great example of courtesy and good behavior all around. He’s now Dr. Wilson, a dentist, in Florence, Alabama and the father of Colt, age 2 and Mae, 3 months. (They’re in the photo.) Caleb and Patrick are now 34 years old.  This memory of Patrick’s was not about any great thing that we did, of course. It was just a few minutes each day, but God’s word makes It’s own impact on little lives.  (Remember, don’t skip nights and do make Bible time lots of fun…. And, especially, remember that true success is living your life and going to heaven!) I share with Patrick’s permission.


Hi Mrs Cindy. Something that might make you smile. I can remember many years ago staying at y’alls house in Jasper and the nightly bible lesson time. I can remember doing it in Caleb’s room sometimes,or the living room. I even remember once in y’alls carport after getting in late from somewhere (who knows where?) Anyways…it’s just fascinating to me that the discipline you guys had to do that every single night would impact me all these years later, to the point that we have bible lesson time every single night, no matter where we are. Colt can make it to Romans so far ?

So good for y’all that you were not only impacting your children, but it’s now impacting mine as well. Also, I really enjoy listening to Caleb’s Q and A on their livestream. Hope you guys are doing well. Tell everyone we say hello.

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