Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Digging Deep–Still a Simple Catch-up!

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The podcast is happening tomorrow night at 7 CST here: I hope you will join the live-stream version so we can have your written comments. Create an account and log in, if possible, so we will know you’re there. This discussion is beneficial to me, for sure, and I know you will help others with your comments and questions. We will try to hit anything you bring up that’s been challenging or rewarding in this month’s study.

PLEASE, please invite your “non-churched” friends or friends of other faiths. Women who have sincere hearts, who want to know the good news for their souls WILL learn it if they dig with us this year. It will be an inescapable, but tender revelation from the Savior–an invitation from the One who bore our iniquities and was smitten for our griefs (Is. 53). Invite sisters, too, who can invite others who need the gospel.

Remind newcomers to watch the how-to video here ( and remind them that the catch-up is easy at least though the month of October. Further, even if you jump in at any point, you’ll be blessed, because this is the story of Jesus in its purest form. Everyone should know and study and love this story above all others. Write on my heart every word!

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