Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Digging Deep…It’s Writing Week!

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It’s a privilege this week to be writing the upcoming Digging Deep study for the year 2020-2021. It occurs to me that there may be some blog readers who have never done a Digging Deep study with us. You can find past studies here of course: .  But I thought it would be fun to give a tiny preview of next year’s study. We’ll save the topic for our regular revealing time next August, but I can already say there will be at least a couple of exciting plusses for next year’s diggers.

I’m having a hard time writing. Today is Sunday. It’s late on Sunday night and I just want to keep on praising Him. Worship is more precious when you’ve spent a few days almost non-stop in the Word.  I get so excited every year during this writing week. I pray and pray for the future of Digging Deep and for the free course of the Word in every stage of the preparation and execution of what has to bless lives–because it’s the Word of the Almighty God!

Here’s a snippet of what’s keeping me up late at night this week!

Sisters, we serve the Almighty God! He is infinite in all his attributes. He is unlimited in power. He can be all places at all times. He knows what hasn’t yet occurred and no one, much less a mere created-from-dust human being has the right to redefine God for relevance! The gospel changes sinners; not the other way around. It is not the responsibility (or right) of the church to make the Word palatable or to make worship fun. Read Numbers 22-23 and notice the account of a man who really wanted to soften God’s message; to make it more palatable to the Moabites. The key to the reason Balaam could not compromise and profane the message of God was in verse 19 of chapter 20. Write that verse here: 


Then read Isaiah 30 and list the things that the name of the Lord (beginning in verse 27) would do to the wicked nation of Assyria. This name was not very palatable, at this time. We cannot soften God’s message and simultaneously lift up His name. 


There will come a day when all will confess, in full reverence, the name of the Lord. Read Philippians 2 and copy the passage where that promise is made. 

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