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Digging Deep-Israel!…Time to Sign Up.

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Here you go!

This weekend, Glenn and I were privileged to worship with Christians in Massachusetts. I’ve thought a lot about the commonality of His people in various parts of the world. In particular, I enjoyed getting to see young people who are obviously interested in spiritual things. I always benefit from being with those who are serving in different spiritual climates and with different obstacles.

BUT, I cannot imagine how it is going to feel to be able to worship with the Christians in Nazareth, Israel. I just cannot imagine. And I cannot wait. I hope it works out for me this time around and I hope you will take the time to read over this incredible itinerary. I get tears in my eyes when I just think about being able to do a part of the 2019 Digging Deep study from these points.

I know cost makes this this prohibitive for many. I know that the blessing of children in our worlds makes this impossible at the present for some. Believe me, I know about the prohibition that caregivers for the elderly encounter.  But, even if you are not going, I hope you can take the time to read over this brochure prepared by John Moore of Bible Land Passages. I’ve learned some things just by perusing.

If you ARE going, please submit this form as soon as possible. We will not be opening up registration to those outside of Digging Deep until July 1, 2018. So, for now, you can register if you have completed any Digging Deep study in the past or if you are currently engaged in the “Great Escapes” study (or if you are an immediate family member of someone who qualifies). More information will be forthcoming for those outside of Digging Deep should we have available space in July.

So click here! This is surreal to me. I cannot even imagine!

2019 Bible Land Passages – Colley Israel Studies Program and Tour – General Information and Registration Documents – Revised 4.13.18

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