Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Digging Deep Israel: Four Spots Have Opened Up!

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It’s only three months until those of us who are going on the trip to Israel will be marveling, studying, and thanking with one another in Jerusalem! Thanks to John and Carla Moore, the plans are coming together! Because of a couple of cancellations, we now have space for one single man, one single woman, and one couple. If anyone wants to go, hurry on over to Bible Land Passages and let them know: They’ll expedite your confirmation and you could still be standing there on the shores of the Sea of Galilee with us in mid-May! It’s the trip of a lifetime for any student of the Word. My thirsty spirit plans to drink in the visuals to go with the Scriptures that are already the life-directing focus of my short time on earth. I’m glad that, of an estimated potential 32,000-ish days on this earth, I get to spend just ten of them in the same spot in which my Lord spent his 12,000-ish days. I know I can be a Christian without ever walking in Israel, but I’m thinking the walk there will impact the walk to heaven, if only because I love to learn with visuals. Those flannel-graph stories from my childhood are about to come to life in a way that the little girl in Sunday School would have never dreamed possible. The 59-year-old me can hardly believe it’s possible, either! 

So…four spots left for a very limited time. Flights will be finalized very shortly. Come sing 

Bless Thou the truth, dear Lord,

  To me, to me,

As Thou didst bless the bread

  By Galilee;

…knowing that truth will be blessed as we re-commit there on the shores where He walked. Most of all, remember,  it’s not important to walk on the dirt upon which He walked. It’s crucial—eternally important—to walk in His truth. 

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