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Diggers, Let Me Know!

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Okay, let’s wind up these DIgging Deep orders! The process of getting the materials in your hands this year was tedious and fraught with obstacles, first because most ladies who are studying along had at least one package coming in the mail from our house (no conventions or ladies days or lectureships to make personal deliveries). That’s thousands! Secondly, the USPS, even by accounts of those who are working in the system, has been crazy and fairly undependable this fall. While we used other carriers at times, it’s pretty hard to get to FedEx or UPS all the time. Please accept our apologies for all the delays. 

We want to be sure you got what you ordered, so please take the time before the end of this week to let us know if you did NOT, at last, get what you ordered in the months of August and September. (Many of the USPS orders took in excess of a month to arrive!) If you ordered books during that time and they did not make it, we want to quickly replace them. If you ordered shirts/hoodies at ANY time and they did not arrive, we will either replace or refund depending on what we have left. Thanks very much for helping us this way. You can private message me or email If you need replacements/refunds please leave the appropriate refund info (email address) for credit card/paypal orders OR the proper mailing address for replacements.

You encourage me in the very fact that, during a year that’s been so problematic, you’ve kept the resolve to be in the Word. I feared that DD would take a big hit this year, in the number of participants and/or in the enthusiasm of the diggers. But neither has been true. We have many new diggers and lots of study groups going on even though face-to-face gatherings are limited in many areas.  This makes my heart soar and I believe we feed off each other’s zeal for His Word. I know there are lots of live-and-in person studies going on even with social distancing and lots of masks in place—in Gallipolis, Ohio, Huntsville, Alabama (both women and men’s studies), Cleveland, Tennessee, Appalachian areas of Georgia and many more. We have a half-dozen or so teen girls at West Huntsville who are giving it a shot this year. I’m so very proud of them!

We have three of the four October Dig-a-Bits already posted or in the editing process and I am  looking forward to the video podcast on the 27th of this month. Tech friends have been very kind to help us fix a wrinkle in the system this month—especially Mike Deasy. (If you could drop him a note and say thanks, I’d count that a favor —℅ church of Christ, 1519 Old Monrovia Road, NW, Huntsville, AL  35806.) Carol Dodd joins me this month as co-host and she always brings both flavor and “protein” to the spiritual feast! We’re praying for her cancer treatments. They’ve been so very hard but, if they do what we are hoping, they will be a blessing to many and to Digging Deep. 

So keep your shovels handy and expect to find treasures for daily living and you might even be able to plants seeds as you dig. Treasures for yourself and the Spirit’s fruit in lives around you will be results worth every moment spent in the Word!                        


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