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Life is all about deadlines.
Without them, good things go undone.
Subconsciously I know what matters.
But for now, I’m just having some fun.

I’ll get to that one of these days,” I keep saying.
“When things settle down, I am there.”
But things never settle. They’re still on back burners…
Things like study, soul winning and prayer.

Things like my friend who was lost yet
I saw her…we talked every day.
About shopping and school and the carpool;
But the “soul things” I never did say.

Today my friend suddenly left us.
We’ll never go walking again.
Because I was going to tell her of Christ,
But hadn’t decided just when.

A deadline is what she passed over
The final one we all will cross.
I could have made it a victory line,
But my silence made it a loss.

The  sound of my silence is deafening.
‘One day soon” was my most tragic goal.
For “one day soon” is always a future time.
And today is the day of the soul.

My planner is being revised now:
New things at the top of my list…
Things that will open new doors for His Word,
Things that before I had missed.

So now, Lord, help me to reclaim wasted time
Forgive me, and my soul renew.
Tomorrow never comes and the call is for me.
If not, now and  me…when and who?

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