Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Come Study with Us.–Digging Deep 2022-23

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The new Digging Deep study kicks off from Polishing the Pulpit in just one month! I hope you are planning to study with us again and I hope you are telling others about Digging Deep. I always say this, but I do think I’m more in need of this study than any to date. If I have learned anything during our last study about the Calvary week, it is how badly I need Calvary; how easily and often I sin and how egregious are the consequences of that sin. I do not want to issue any spoiler alerts, but I believe this new study will be a great one to follow the conviction of “The Hour Has Come.” Here’s an excerpt. The passage under consideration is Romans 8:28. It is the most hope-filled text in the New Testament for me.

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

It is just a simple statement. Almost all the words are small. Any child can understand it. But it is the most profound statement in its effect during the dark times of life in all of Scripture.

I love the word know. It means I can count on this promise.

I love the word
all. It means that, not just the good things, but the good things and the bad things are both going to be included in the promise.

I love the term
work together. It means that the good things and the bad things that are occurring in my world are both useful to Him in the weave that makes this promise a reality.

I love the word good. The good events and circumstances and the bad events and circumstances are woven together by the master weaver to produce something that is no longer even partially bad; it is all good. It is what is best for me as His child, in its end result.

I love the promise recipient descriptions: those who love Him. Oh, how I do love Him! While I was yet a sinner, He gave His life for me, He commended His love for me all the way to the death (5:8).

…and those who are the called according to His purpose. Those who have accepted the invitation, the appointment, to glorify Him.

Ladies, this orchestration of the events in my life, through providence, to make all the circumstances work out for my ultimate benefit is valuable to me in an immeasurable way.

On rare occasions, my friends in Pentecostal churches have chastised me for a “lack of faith” in miracles today. Some believe, since I am convicted that God has pushed the “pause” button on miracles today, that my faith is weak. For the record, I believe every miracle recorded in Scripture occurred. I believe it will be miraculous when we fly away with Jesus. It will be miraculous when the graves are opened again. It will be miraculous when we put off mortality. He is not done with miracles.

But I would add that this orchestration of all the natural events in my life, to my ultimate benefit, while He is orchestrating all the events in all the lives of all His children everywhere to their ultimate benefit, is nothing short of amazing. It is not miraculous, because it is done within the confines of His laws of nature. But it is just as amazing to this girl as is the miraculous. I have faith. I believe He is currently doing this in my life, even in the most difficult of circumstances. I praise Him for this!

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