Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Clips are Keepers and February’s Digging Deep Study

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So all the people who hated the Keeper’s Clip did not write in and say so. That means all the response has been positive! As a result, we’ve decided to make the Keeper’s Clip a regular feature to conclude the monthly Digging Deep Podcast. Each month we will feature one of you sharing your best advice, craft, project, cleaning tip, child-rearing idea, sewing secret, creative coupon-ing secret, decorating idea, hospitality helper…you name it. If it can help a woman enjoy being a godly keeper at home, we will consider it. So, we’re leaving this up to you. Send us your best five to fifteen minute video. It doesn’t have to be professional, but it does have to be easily understood. The audio needs to be clear enough so that we can all follow the directions or advice. It needs to be a fairly frugal idea (not a ton of materials, money or prior expertise involved.) If you read something, make sure it is not copyrighted and make sure all clothing in the clip is modest. All clips become our property and we do have rights to edit for the best presentation. All clips shown on the podcast will be archived in the Keepers section of I’m expecting big things from some of you Pinterest addicts, but let’s try to come up with some original material here, too. The featured keeper each month will receive your one free pick from The Colley House materials. If you see your clip, just email me with your pick to claim the prize. So, lights, camera, action! Send your film on a DVD to West Huntsville Church of Christ, Keepers at Home Clips, 1519 Old Monrovia Road, Huntsville, AL  35806.

Remember for this month to read through the Samuels and Kings in the Old Testament. List each king, beginning with Saul, David and Solomon and then have a king list for each kingdom (Northern and Southern). Under each king’s name, list the major events of his reign and give him a plus or minus (Was he a king with primarily a good influence or a negative influence?) At next month’s podcast our focus will be to determine whether or not the kings were a good idea and what the causes of the eventual captivity were. We will also try to learn how we avoid the bondage of sin (modern captivity) using lessons learned from ancient Israel and Judah.

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