Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Back to School $12 or $20 Special (You can save $10.45)!

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11845918_10153165486854069_742535851_nBack-to-School days mean chaos in Walmart, followed by the homeschoolers’ favorite time of year in that store—the days before you’ve officially started your home school, but all the other schools are in session. Walmart is relatively peaceful every day from 8 to 3. Your kids can roam the toy aisle while you are a couple of aisles over in the health and beauty section and you can actually hear their conversation. That’s when you love home schooling.

Of course, you moms with kids in “regular” school are thinking “But I get to go to Walmart at that time and I’m just fine NOT hearing my kids!”

But, for all moms, there are challenges that come with the Back-to-School days. We worry about what they are learning if they are at school. We worry about what they are NOT learning (that they should be) if they are at home. We worry about keeping our sanity when someone we do not even know is teaching our kids and we surely worry about keeping it if WE are teaching them.

But all of us, whether the kids are leaving home for school or not, are facing new calendar challenges. Commitments collide with limitations and it takes a real mom to make sure everything that’s supposed to happen does happen and that it all happens in sync.

So the Poems, Prayers and Promises planner is for all moms (poems and planner pages) and Cindy Colley on Homeschooling is for those who are doing it (homeschooling) or want to encourage someone who is doing it. It’s especially for those who are on the fence about doing it. The Back-to-School $12 or $20 Special is just what it seems. You get either product for 12 dollars or both for 20. (The planner is regularly $15.95, so you save $3.95 when you buy that one. The homeschooling book is regularly $14.50, so you save $2.50 when you purchase the book. Buy both and you save $10.45!)

You can access the special by clicking on the links above.


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