Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Are You New to the Dig? This Is for You.

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It’s an amazing blessing that we now have over 7500 women in the Digging Deep Bible study group. We work hard to insure that the group is a safe place for us to concentrate on the Word and grow spiritually. That’s why it’s sometimes necessary to exclude someone from the group. We don’t do this lightly because our purpose is always souls in heaven, in the end, and so we want those who have a curiosity about the Word  to be able to begin their investigation here–with women who are so dedicated to and in love with the holy words of Scripture. Occasionally, though, someone, who is an open “attacker” of faith and the Word of God will ask to become a member. Because we must protect the sincere seekers  and the integrity and purpose of our group, we have to decline those who are obviously attempting spiritual harm or to lead away those who are hungering and thirsting for righteousness.

Because of the new system Facebook has adopted of helping to match people with groups in which their profiles show that they may have an interest, we have many new and diverse members. Perhaps there are some reading who are seeking God’s plan for life. Maybe you are not involved in any body of believers and you would very much like personal contact and study. You want to be saved, in the end, but, in a world of religious chaos, it’s difficult to know what, exactly, is God’s plan for your  salvation. I’d love to personally help you. And yet the help I can give is only though the Word of God. I will offer no other source of information about salvation than the New Testament of Jesus. But there are no parts of that covenant that are off-limits for discussion. Those who investigate find that the gospel’s plan of salvation is given with unbelievable clarity and simplicity in the New Testament. Jesus did not want it to be complicated and confusing. If we get rid of preconceived ideas that the devil would have us believe (After all, he is the father of lies…Jn. 8:44), then we can have our sins washed away and walk in His light with simple, decisive obedience.

If you are without Christ’s salvation today, you are in need. I’m no more worthy of that salvation than anyone else, but I praise Him that, because of His grace, my life has purpose and meaning and goals that make every struggle and place of despair still resonate with hope. I’ve often said that we can do anything for a lifetime. It’s true. There will be times in your life that will be incredibly hard. There may be things you have to sacrifice in order to follow the Lord. But those sacrifices and challenges are very short-lived when compared to eternity with God.

If I can help you, email me at I do not have any private access to His great gift of salvation. The gospel is for all. But it’s unbelievably simple to understand and its precious invitation is open to us all.

With many prayers for Digging Deep and especially for searching souls!


p.s. I forgot to mention that there’s certainly nothing to purchase or any obligation if you do email me. No email address will ever be shared. I just am all about study of the Word– anywhere–even though email or Facebook.

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