Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Apologetics Press Advanced Readers:

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I gave my nephew Enoch one of the new Advanced readers from Apologetics Press the other day when we met his family at a restaurant. He devoured its information right there at the lunch table (not sure about his chicken fingers, though). What did this book have in it that was exciting to this nine year old who is football savvy, loves race cars, the Titanic and Pink Panther cartoons? Well it had creation evidences. Now if you ask Enoch if he’s interested in evidences, he would probably give you a quizzical “no, “ but he was interested in, ingested, and will remember this information that has become a small block in his foundation of faith. That’s really important. We want our kids to devour stuff like that!

You can get them at There are easy ones for pre-readers and beginning readers and now there are the new advanced editions. The newest editions were written by Caleb Colley. and are entitled “Amazing Migrating Birds” and “The Amazing Human Body.” Last weekend I carried stacks of those two with me to a ladies day and one grandmother just bought them up for stocking stuffers for all of her grandchildren. Now there is an eternity savvy grandmother! That’s what I want to be one day.

Again, you can go to to order. I am not an employee of AP, nor do I receive compensation for this “ad” or any orders placed with them. But I would not have wanted to raise my kids without their resources. I know their faith is stronger because of exposure to AP’s materials. I want that for all kids in the family of God!

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