Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Always Plan B?

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PLANBSurely not.You mean your 15-year-old can go to WalMart and buy a drug to abort the baby she may have conceived when she had sex last night?…She can just pick this up without a prescription? Surely not.

That would be a scenario for some socially “progressive” area of the world like Sweden or the Netherlands, or maybe even the UK. Surely.

If such an availability has “slipped by” the authorities, then surely this item will quickly be taken off the shelves and moms across America can be assured that they have authority over the availability of contraceptives for their children who can’t even drive yet. Especially chemical contraceptives. Surely.

She can’t buy a cigarette, but she can buy a morning-after contraceptive with a list of possible side effects as long as your arm? …She can buy this drug that causes gastrointestinal bleeding in more that one out of every ten users? Seriously?

That’s the world in which your kids are growing up. That’s the world of my future grandchildren. Our president likes this new piece of legislation, but lots of people in our country feel that girls even younger should have full access to the Plan B pill. For real.

My children cannot recall a time when abortion in our country was illegal. Apparently my grandchildren will never know a time when chemical abortions were not accessible without parental consent to minors. When I was fifteen, I doubt if I knew what abortion was. It had only been legal for a year. It was still quite rare. There were no purely chemical abortions. I’m just in my early fifties. It really hasn’t been that long. How many will have died when my daughter reaches fifty? At the current rate, perhaps over 75 million that we can document, but there’s no telling (or even knowing) how many chemical abortions are occurring annually.

The words “every day” in the following video are haunting. The casual laughter on the part of the abortion worker is nails-on-the-chalkboard to my very soul. I can hardly bear to hear it. Dr. Kermit Gosnell is surely not alone in his attempt to normalize infanticide. But what’s the difference between that baby inside the mother and the same child just after a botched abortion (yielding a live birth)? Nothing medically. Nothing genetically. Nothing spiritually. Nothing physically. The only difference is environmental. One is IN the passage and is subject to being dismembered and vacuumed out. The other has made the passage and, if alive, is subject to being rushed by ambulance to the hospital for emergency life-saving medical treatment. One is subject to extreme measures to make sure death occurs at the hand of a doctor. The other is subject to extreme measure to make sure it doesn’t. Tell me is this thing we’re trying to kill in the womb alive? Give it a minute to exit and see if the ambulance driver, the emergency room worker, the NICU nurse and the pediatric specialist think so. Give me a break, America!

If you can watch this without discomfort, you should be placed on a list of list of potential terrorists. Yes. I really think so. You have a lot of stomach for extreme violence toward innocent people.

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