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Sister to Sister: A Great Idea for an Outdoor VBS!

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nonameIt’s family Bible week at West Huntsville this week. One hundred adults have convened nightly for about the past week putting together some very animated versions of three eternally important stories that our Lord told while here on earth, along with assembling another center about laying up our treasures in heaven. They’ve also gone all out putting together a plan and materials for age appropriate crafts, planning an art contest and a “tribal time” sing-along for kids. It’s the time of year when there’s the most excitement about Bible classes and, best of all, the time of year when we have more non-member visitors than at all the other services during all the rest of the year combined. Look for pictures and a report about the week later on. Better yet, come on over and see it for yourself—through Wednesday night beginning each night at 6:45.


But today, I’d like to share with you some photos of another Bible adventure hosted by the West 160 church in West Plains, Missouri. On the property of the Kirby Cole family and open to church and community, it proved to be one of the best attended events of that church in recent history. I think the pictures will give you an idea of the theme and the unique outdoor flavor of this day. What a unique way to bring the scriptures to life for our children! One family had an idea, other Christian families pitched in and a re-enacted trip to Canaan happened, complete with crossing the Jordan and piling up the rock monument.  Best of all, lots of people left with a new zeal for reaching our promised land. (If you click on a photo–wait–then click on it again, the pics will enlarge!)





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