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A Great Event and How to Spot a Sanctified Person – Part 3

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Caleb with James WatkinsGreat events have consequences that reach a future generation. The greatest events have consequences that reach into eternity. Our family and many other families in the United States part of the kingdom of Christ just completed such an event. This weekend, thousands of children participated in scores of events that extracted their talents and skills for development for God’s glory. It is certainly possible for parents to be diligently and successfully developing leadership skills for the furtherance of the gospel without the Lads program. After all, it’s been done for thousands of years. But I am so very thankful for this tool. Our family has reaped rich rewards from this sound and effective program. Caleb and Hannah will quickly tell you that the Lads to Leaders program pushed them to be all they could be as children, teens and, now, adults in His service. Glenn and I really do believe they are more effective soul winners, writers, and workers for Him as a result of Lads. Our family owes a debt of gratitude to those who developed and maintain this massive instrument for the cause.
WH Lads

This weekend Christians witnessed a young man from a home where the parents are neglectful and ungodly give a speech that showed his dedication to the cause. They watched him lead a song with zeal. No blood family members were there to watch him, but we were there–his family in the Lord. Christians made sure he had the clothes he needed. Christians made sure he had the money he needed for food. Christians transported him and made sure he had a nice place to sleep. Christians coached him and rehearsed with him. But, to tell the truth, I think the tool, Lads to Leaders, was a large catalyst for his growth and development this weekend. The tool is what gives us deadlines and organization in so many good works with young people. This young man just may grow up to be a faithful and productive member of the Lord’s body. He may grow up to lead others to the kingdom. He may grow up to preach the gospel! One day he could even lead his parents to the Lord.


I watched another young man who has very little support in his home congregation just blossom this weekend in his very first Lads experience. People in his home church had discouraged his good efforts. They had complained when he came to the gospel meeting in his ball uniform. This young man came to Lads with a group of folks in his area. He gave an excellent speech without a single note. He led his song with near perfect pitch, tempo and volume. He went home a more confident servant. He will be a blessing wherever he goes.

I could continue. But may I just encourage you to investigate the Lads to Leaders program if you do not participate? It’s just one of those greatest events…the events that outreach, outrun and far out-reward life on this earth!

Lads to Leaders

From Jennifer Webster: First Time Lads Mom. She’s one of many who’ve made similar comments on that first “life altering” Lads trip.

We worshipped with several thousand other Christians this morning. We are now making our way back through rainy Nashville and reflecting on Lads as we go. Two words for Lads to Leaders concerning our children: life altering! After begging to skip speech and song leading, Parker and Emma participated in both. Parker won 1st place in speech and 2nd place in song leading. Emma won 2nd place in speech. I am firmly convinced that if it weren’t for Lads neither of them would have realized and developed these vital skills. It is a program like no other. Thanks be to God for this program and the encouragement it gives young people and the leaders it is helping to develop for the church.


How to Spot a Sanctified Person–Part Three

16.  A sanctified person is thoroughly righteous (Dan. 6:4). Righteousness is not choosing to do right in certain areas of life. Righteousness is pervasive. It eats us up as the people of God. It affects every decision and activity. We acknowledge him in all our ways. He is life’s path director. He is the master planner of you and me (Proverbs 3:3-6).

17.  Even a sanctified person’s enemies know about her God (6:5). God’s just so obvious in that person’s life that He cannot be overlooked, even by those who may hate the sanctified person. In fact, enemies may use a sanctified person’s devotion to get her in trouble. That’s a pretty solid sanctification sign!

18.  Sanctified people do not change religious practices when devotion brings danger (6:10). Holy people know where they are going when this short life is over. So the most important practices, those of devotion, remain constant even when they may cause conflict with the world.

19.  Sanctified people often endear themselves to authorities (6:14). That’s because they are respectful. A holy person has a great work ethic.

20.  Sanctified people humbly confess their sins (9:20). Sanctified people are holy, but not sinless. They recognize their need for mercy and are penitent. They are filled with godly sorrow when confronted with sin in their lives.

21.  Sanctified people set their hearts to understand the things of God (10:12). Do you know someone who is constantly in the Word? Maybe this person studies the Bible topically, using concordances and lexicons. Maybe you know someone who asks questions in Bible class and studies ahead for Bible discussions. You may know a sanctified person!

22.  Sanctified people discipline themselves. I know Christians who are very quick to recognize their own spiritual ineptitudes and are working like crazy to correct them. I know women, for instance, who have learned to keep their mouths shut in situations where gossip or angry words may be a temptation. I know women who discipline themselves to get into the Word daily before their young children get out of bed. (For some, this is very early!) I know women who plan hospitality like most women plan a work week. I know women who are disciplined in their Bible time each day with their children . I am blessed to know some sanctified women who are self-controlled and militant in the service of the Most Holy God!

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