Digger Doug

A Favorite Episode

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So last night I watched an episode of a funny show. This is really unusual for me, since I don’t have cable or satellite TV, Hulu, or Netflix. But I get a package every now and then from Apologetics Press and, last week, we received episodes seventeen and eighteen of Digger Doug. I guess I’m a little old to be part of the Digger Doug fan base, but I’m a fan. As I watched episode seventeen about the formation of coal, I wished that something like Digger Doug had been available for my kids back in the day. It was the most professional of any episode to date and the music was outstanding. But the best thing about it was the extremely entertaining and  effective way the information was disseminated; information designed to fortify faith in little minds before they even know what faith really is. That’s what parents have to do.
We have to put healthy eating habits in our kids way before they are exposed to junk food. We build immunities in them before they are exposed to deadly diseases. We put integrity in their hearts before they’re tempted to cheat on a test. In similar fashion, we must put faith in the Word in them before they are exposed to the world of academia in which there is a definite textbook agenda to replace any belief in God with a belief in the Darwinian theory of evolution. 
I hope you are a mother or a grandmother who takes this responsibility seriously. I, being in between the mom-of-small-kids stage and the grandmom stage (for a preferably short time), am just as determined to help my children fight the humanist agenda in the hearts of my grandchildren as I ever was to protect the faith of my own children. Exposure to truth is the key to maintaining faith and the Digger Doug series of  fun and animation is a great tool to help your children love discovering truth. So I’m all about Digger Doug, Iguana Don, The Singing Sycamore Tree, Willy the Word Worm and what’s happening at Dave’s Diner. In fact, some of the stuff happening at Dave’s Diner and around that Sycamore Tree and in the studio with Willy the Word Worm may end up helping your kids to the Bread of Life, and the Tree of Life, and the Word of Life. That could be some pretty amazing episodes! 
(Oh yes. My favorite character on episode seventeen is Cole Coal. Can’t put my finger on it, but I like him. Next favorite is Willy the Word Worm.)

The Adventures of Digger Doug is available at www.colleybooks.org.

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