The War on Women

TV_Kelly_Trump-03b68-1973Yes. There’s a cultural war on women occurring in the United States today. Maybe even around the world. But it’s not perpetuated by the political right. It’s ideological in nature and it’s successfully stripping women of respect, purpose and integrity. In fact if I wanted to make sure that women were being sabotaged in this, the richest society in the world, here’s what I would do:

  1. First, I’d make her understand that she, along with her male counterparts, is just another rung on the evolutionary ladder; just another link in the Darwinian chain. No soul. No higher purpose. Just another animal. But the kicker for women, in this Darwinian scenario is that there is no explanation for her existence. No way to explain that she even is. Unlike the account she’s believed for millenniums about the fact that she completed and crowned God’s creation, I’d make her believe she was just a fluke somewhere in the billions of years of coincidences mixed with mistakes that made the universe and life what it is today. I’d do that first. Right off the bat I’d rip away that notion that she has spiritual or eternal significance.
  2. Next I think I would be sure I started young to make her “look” cheap. I think I’d put little outfits in all the stores that were composed of mini-skirts and halter tops and I’d start in size 2T. I’d make it difficult and expensive to dress a little girl like a little girl. I’d make the transition, in apparel, from little girl to worldly woman a very short leap.
  3. And I’d get her used to hearing demeaning terms for women and all kinds of sexual innuendos very early on. I would get her in front of the television as often as possible. I’d make her think that drinking and partying were the real “stuff” of happiness. I’d want her to play video games where the cartoon women are always scantily clad, provocative, tattoed, busty and brash. And then I’d play all this up in her real world the first chance I got. I’d want her to think wearing a tiny cheer uniform and moving her body provocatively was cool and, somehow (it’s beyond me) even respectable. I’d want her to have dance lessons, play volleyball in her panties or be on a running team or a swim team where the expected dress was almost nothing. I’d want her to start being comfortable letting people see her in a sports bra and I’d want her to have holes in her jeans in the places where cheap attention could be drawn to her body. This is an important part of what I’d do to make her forget the intrinsic value of her soul.
  4. Next, I’d target her heroines. I’d make the most important women in the country the rudest and the most immoral. I’d make the politically powerful women loud, dishonest and vulgar. I’d make the heroines of the entertainment world trashy. I’d make the top songs that women hear on the radio tout fornication, homosexual relationships and masturbation. I’d make women who are empty and unhappy be the role models. This would help me drain the very souls of  younger women of purpose and positive influence.
  5. Then, I’d make her believe she’s very dispensable by telling her that you don’t even need a woman anymore to have a marriage and a family. I’d do my best to get her to buy that lie.
  6. And based on that lie, I’d tell her that, in fact, womanhood is not even reserved for those who are born as girls. The female identity is easily taken by anyone who wants it.…It’s easy for Bruce to be Katelyn. All it takes is a change of wardrobe and a few hormones. Gender is not really a sacred assignment at all.  So quit spouting off about the virtues of womanhood, already.
  7. Next, I think I’d try to make her believe that a woman’s integrity is not all that important in a court of law. I’d tell her she’s too fragile to be able to withstand the pursuit of evidence. “If you cry ‘date rape,’ well they’ll just have to believe you, because your traumatized state is too weak and fragile to risk re-traumatization.  Your psyche might not be able to handle presentation of evidence, interrogation or cross-examination. You’re not strong enough to prove your own integrity.” (One story is here, but, be warned the triumphant victor in this courtroom is not discreet in her text messages.
  8. But I wouldn’t stop there. I’d make her unashamed of the objectification of womanhood that happens to be the largest entertainment venue in America, today. In fact, I’d want her to go on and join the ranks of those who objectify people. I’d want her to watch “Fifty Shades of Gray.” Further, I’d want her to extol the literary virtues of the book, too. What better way to take away the dignity of women in our culture than to have them clamoring by the millions to the vile and cheap?
  9. Then I’d try to legalize the killing of life within her womb. I’d so mix up her sense of logic that I’d make her believe it is emancipating to let doctors come inside her womb and suction out the life that is dependent on her for survival. I’d take her sense of values to the very lowest possible point and convince her to be okay with selling the life that has her chromosomes, her hair color, her skin pigmentation and, yes, his or her own beating heart. I’d get her to have no conscience at all about the person who is being ripped apart and becoming merchandise. I’d somehow make her think she’s becoming more of a woman when she allows a violation of that magnitude to occur in her own womb.
  10. I’d make her believe her value lies in some numerical figure on a pay stub. I’d make her believe that true success can be counted in dollars and cents and that her intrinsic value is dependent on her ability to bring home the bacon (or wield power at the office or control accounts or successfully patronize important clients.) I’d do this in lots of ways, but I would not forget to build short maternity leave into job benefits and to build lots of day cares near, or in, her work sites. I’d try to make career pursuit in all situations seem normal and expected, and certainly guilt-free.  In fact, I might try and make women who were not career-minded seem lazy and worthless by comparison.
  11. Next, I’d try to downplay…no…remove from her psyche any maternal tugs. If she ever starts to cry when she has to leave that little six-week-old baby for the first day back at work, I’d make her think “Ah, this is just normal. All moms go through this healthy week of detaching from children. I need to get past this post-birth weepiness and be productive.” If her kids are getting sick a lot at daycare, I’d want her to, once again, justify her choices by thinking “Oh…this’ll be good for them in the long run…you know…build up their immunities.” In this step-by-step, day by day rationalization of dissonance in the plan, I’d slowly get her to stop feeling the tugs. I’d get her to incrementally forget that there is a reason for maternal pulls in her heart. Further, I’d get her to make investments and mortgages—I’d get her to buy things…lots of things.I’d get her in debt to the plan that’s silencing the maternal nature within. I’d do this until she couldn’t answer the cries even were she hearing them. I’d make those who are choosing riches for their kids over the raising of their kids defend this pursuit by always pointing out that “there are lots of women who have to work to put food on the table and we should not make those women feel guilty.”   I’d be happy about that argument if I were out to denigrate women, because, although that argument is irrelevant when the subject is choosing, it (the argument about needy women) would rally the troops who have already, to a large extent, driven our economy  and moral conscience to a place where, in some communities, virtually all women work full-time outside the home as their children are coming up.
  12. And finally, I’d give her applause. I’d give her lots of this and for all the superficial things.  I’d give her pats on the back and I’d make good, but deceived, women go, with a vengeance, after those who would call women back to the heart of womanhood. I’d make the cheapening, the immodesty, the brashness, the override of the maternal impulses—I’d make all that VERY politically correct. I’d make any reference to scriptures about submission or keeping the home seem terribly antiquated and out of place in any real discussion of the role of women. In fact, I’d make the phrase, “role of women” sound very oppressive and shockingly  outdated.

Oh…and after I’d managed to maneuver in all the above ways, I’d be sure to keep a close eye on the veritable army of faithful twenty-something and thirty-something moms within the Lord’s church who are in the Word and in prayer and determined that the devil is not having their kids. These are the ones, after all, who are raising up the fighters of the next generation. It’s not the millennials who are primarily about saving the trees, the right to “choose”, the rainforests or the human habitats that are protective of women in our society. It’s those millennials who are, first, about saving souls, respecting the Father, protecting life, itself, and aspiring to everlasting habitations that just may be able to raise up a generation that can secure all that has traditionally been good and right and holy about womanhood. And they are using the tools, too. They are networking globally, attending spiritual conventions and workshops, producing books, seeking mentors and studying THE manual for human elevation.  They are the ones I’d target if I were waging a war on women; and they’d be ruthless in their defense of traditional marriage, distinctive genders, disciplined children, ordered homes and moms who are, first of all, keepers of those homes.

So this is how I’d wage a real war on women. I mean if I really wanted to strip women in our culture of  power, I’d take away the legacy that is the inheritance of faith. If I wanted to rob women of dignity, I’d make them set, as their standards, the cheap, the undressed, the immoral. If I wanted to debase them, I’d dirty their minds with pornography and their hands with deceit. I’d make them say “abortion” when they mean “murder”.  I’d make them say “tolerance” when they mean “approval.”  I’d make them say “love” when they mean “lust.” I’d mix them up with terminology and I’d tempt them into thinking that the primary purpose of life is self-fulfillment. I’d make them think that truth for their lives and homes is not objective but “lies within themselves”.   All in all, I’d go for their hearts. That’s just what the devil has done.

The current war on women is not from the political right or from the oppressive religions of the Middle East. The war on women today is from hell, itself, and the devil is gaining ground. He is taking the spoils—the real commodities of value—from women. He is giving us a mess of pottage that is temporarily filling in exchange for the faith and goodness that has characterized great women from the dawn of time. And so it will not be in some presidential debate or even in Congress or the Supreme Court chambers that the war is won or lost. It will be in the hearts of women and in the families of America. It will all depend on whether women are smart enough and strong enough to recognize and resist the cultural attack on the real power of women.

Sister to Sister: Planned Parenthood: The Sickening Truth

Obama-Planned-ParenthoodI think I must be witnessing the filming of a horror movie. Can it be true that body parts of babies are being removed and sold for profit?  I’m nauseated by the statements being made by Planned Parenthood. Are we really living in a world where the only thing potentially wrong with harvesting body parts of babies is IF the funds from the sale of body parts exceeds the expenses of running the organization that is doing the killing? Is this really where we are?

I am a scientific simpleton. But even a child who knows what is going on can figure out the sickening truth about harvesting fetal organs.

Planned Parenthood’s foundational argument is that these babies are not living human beings. If they are not living, then their body parts would not have value. If they are not human, then why are they harvesting their parts instead of the parts of pigs and goats and mice and monkeys?  Of course, there IS a beating human heart. That’s why they want that heart! And that is how we know a person is a person. Personhood is life that is human.  Let me repeat: The body parts would have no value if their source was not human life.

Then there are their arguments about money. “We’re not making a profit on these body parts.” I’m unconvinced that profit is not being made by Planned Parenthood. Some of the undercover videos, in fact, are extremely incriminating. One representative, in speaking about the sale of fetal tissue, spoke of wanting a Lamborghini and another spoke of desirable body parts going for higher prices. (Again, obscenely repulsive.)   But even talking about the funding is a distant secondary concern when the issue is life and death. The truth is that Planned Parenthood representatives have explained exactly where they like to crush the babies to remove them so that the vital organs will not be crushed. They are “expert”, in their own opinions, in being able to crush the babies in the right places so that the “right” body parts can be harvested. Is this conversation that we are hearing and having in America real? Am I going to wake up?

Then there’s the health care argument touted by proponents of Planned Parenthood. “Those who are wanting to defund Planned Parenthood would make healthcare unavailable for millions of women.” The truth here is so obvious that I can hardly believe Planned Parenthood representatives can keep a straight face while verbalizing this lie. We live in the United States of America. There are problems with our health care system, but mammograms and pap smears are some of the most available of health procedures. American women have access to mammograms. But they do not go to Planned Parenthood to get them. The truth is, the provision of mammograms and other care that is non-birth control related is not what Planned Parenthood does and they know it! They are, of course, primarily a baby-killing service, killing a child every 94 seconds, and taxpayers are currently being forced to support this baby-killing  to the tune of a half-billion dollars per year.

But the most horrific part of all of this is the discussion itself. We are actually discussing—looking at each other without grimacing, and talking—about whether or not this murderous organ recycling-for-cash is acceptable…and there are people in every arena who are looking into cameras and defending the butchering of babies and the sale of their body parts. Shockingly, it’s not the murderer on death row or the “criminal” element in society that’s most defensive of Planned Parenthood. The loudest protective voice for the killing at Planned Parenthood is the voice from the Oval Office. It’s the twice-elected President of the United States, Barack Obama. The new criminal element is in the White House. He is sitting in Congress. She is winning national elections. He is a doctor…a lawyer. She is a representative of a “service” organization funded by the United States of America. Unthinkable!

I am with the Prophet Ezra…

O my God, I am ashamed and blush to lift up my face to thee, my God; for our iniquities are increased over our head, and our guiltiness is grown up unto the heavens. (9:6)

p.s. I know that I have not said anything today that has not already been said by many righteous people across our country in recent days. But my conscience cannot permit my silence on the subject while those who are being slain and sold cannot speak for themselves.)

For the Babies We’re Missing This Christmas

IMG_0291 3The following article first appeared in Think Magazine, edited by Brad Harrub, in the year 2006. I’m thinking today of my little Ezra and how much joy he brings us at Christmas this year. He has a tiny stocking hanging from my mantel and his portrait in a ho-ho hat is above the fireplace. I’m thinking, too, of the 1.3 million or so first Christmases that will not happen this year because tiny lives. already DNA encoded, gender selected, hair color and handprints already decided, were snuffed out selfishly in a society that has disregarded the sacred nature of preborn life. Today is for the Christmas morning smiles that will not happen, the tiny people that will never wear Christmas pajamas, look with wonder at the lights on the tree or sit in Santa’s lap. They will never give a single gift, work to share joy with underprivileged people, or find their places in any humanitarian efforts. Thankfully they are safe in the arms of the Father, but those who have elected to place them there as preborn souls,  have life’s blood on their hands this Christmas. May we, as a society face the truth about what that is in the womb: it is innocent human life. May we face the truth about what it is when we intentionally take that life: it is murder. So, for the babies we are missing this Christmas:

In terms of loss of life it was the most horrific day in American history. It was January 22, 1973. Little did those seven black-robed justices know that the opinions they filed on that day would result in the terminations of over 48 million pregnancies as of this month (and still counting). It happened rather quietly as lots of Supreme Court decisions have. I was thirteen years old. We had a television and access to the newspaper, but the Roe vs. Wade decision was only a relatively small news blurb on that cold winter day and it would be a couple of years before my family even began to realize the appalling implications of  what had occurred in that courtroom.  It was as if the blackness of that day’s events just sort of settled in over time. The darkness fell slowly. If we had known about the 47 million babies on that day, surely we would have raised our collective voices in anguish for them. If we could have foreseen that a six pound, full term baby, even one who had begun his exit from the womb, could legally be stabbed at the base of his skull and thus delivered lifeless, then surely millions of us would have been so vigilant in our protests that government officials would have been prompted to action. But the devil wanted to hide the truth on that day. Just as he has been doing since he drew Eve to the death fruit in the garden (Genesis 3:4), he continues to hide the shocking death factor that comes along with the sinful decisions we make, whether they be in the chambers of the U.S. Supreme Court or in the secret chambers of our hearts.

What those seven men in black robes did that day in 1973 was unconscionable. But there is a sense in which their decision to murder the unborn on that day was not as bad as a mother’s or doctor’s decision to do so today. You see, with greater amounts of information come greater responsibility. In 1973, it was impossible to look through the window that we call ultrasound and see the unborn baby sucking her thumb. In 1973, all of the biological data had not yet conclusively confirmed that at least by the twentieth week after conception, unborn babies are fully capable of feeling pain.  In 1973,  I couldn’t go online and read about how that a baby’s heart starts beating at about the same time the mother may begin to suspect that she is pregnant; or how that by the time surgical abortions are performed (around the seventh week of pregnancy) the baby already has arms and legs and brain waves. Today all of this information is a click away. At least those judges were still in the dark about some of these details of human gestation. But we are without excuse. We now know.  The murder of 2006 is, in this significant sense, far more premeditated. When a person knows the full implications of the procedure– that excruciating pain and ultimate death will come to an innocent life because of her choice—the act escalates to murder in the first degree.

Of course, Christians have always known the seriousness of the sin of abortion. We have taken it on faith all along, knowing that God forms in the womb (Isaiah 44:2), that He is the one Who makes the bones grow in the womb (Ecclesiastes 11:5), knits together in the womb (Psalm139:13), and  that He calls the baby by the same Greek name (brephos) whether born or unborn (Luke 1:41 and Luke 2:12,16). God’s wisdom informed us of the value of life in the womb far before all of the scientific data was in. It is His wisdom, in fact, that has established absolute moral truth for all societies.

In Romans chapter one, we read about a society that had rejected God and His moral  truth. They failed to give Him glory for life and its joys. They credited themselves and became vain in their imaginations (21). They rejected the wisdom of God and professed themselves to be wise (22).  Finally God gave them up to uncleanness (24) and they, refusing to have God in their knowledge (28), cast off all spiritual restraint and became filled with all unrighteousness (29). The sins listed in verses 29-31 cover the gamut of immorality and are frighteningly prophetic of our modern America.  In the middle of that list of vile behaviors, the scriptures say that the people were without natural affection. The ESV renders the phrase heartless. What does it mean to be without natural affection or heartless?

It is difficult for me to imagine an affection more natural than that of a mother toward her child. It is instinctive. No one had to come into my hospital room when my children were born and give me lessons on hugging and cuddling my children. It is motivating– strong enough to make me risk my life at any moment for their safety. It is enduring. Nothing they can do can make me stop loving them. It is words, hugs, smiles, spankings and stories. It’s holding hands, wiping noses, butterfly kisses and cheering in the stands. It’s a thousand things every day that nobody ever taught me to do. It is natural affection. It is affection that was planted by a Creator. It is only when we as a society refuse to have God in our knowledge that we can possibly find it in ourselves to be heartless toward the fruit of our own wombs.

Our amazing God, in counseling Job, mentioned the mother ostrich (Job 39:13-16). He says that she leaves her eggs in the earth and warms them in the dust. He says she forgets that the foot might crush them or that the wild beast might break them. He says she is hardened against her young ones just as if they were not even her own. And then He gives the reason for Mama Ostrich’s hard heart:

Because God has deprived her of wisdom, neither has he imparted to her understanding.  Job 39:17. 

But I am not an ostrich. God has imparted to me wisdom and understanding. He has given me a heart and a conscience. He has given me His will for my life. He has, in giving me these blessings, set me apart from the animal kingdom and given my human life inherent and eternal value. He formed those inward parts of me in the womb. They are the same inward parts that he is still forming in wombs.

One day recently, while speaking with a crisis pregnancy counselor in Montgomery, Alabama, she related this phenomenon to me. She said that many young girls come in determined to abort their babies. Sadly many leave with that same determination. In this particular center, each expectant mother is offered a tiny pair of baby booties. These booties, knitted by volunteers, are just the right size for the tiny feet and toes already  beginning to form in the womb of the young girl. The young girl listens and understands that her baby’s DNA code and all genetic characteristics are already determined. Its sex, hair color, eye color and even the shape of those tiny toes that will soon be big enough for those booties has already been set. She hears that all her baby needs now to be healthy at birth is nutrition. Then the booties are placed in the young girl’s hand. If the girl leaves the office with those tiny blue or pink booties in hand, the odds are overwhelmingly favorable that she will carry that baby to term. If she refuses the booties, she will likely choose to abort the baby. Why is this true?

God has given each mother a heart of natural affection. It is to this heart that the booties are appealing. The booties are a tangible test to see if that heart has been so hardened against the wisdom of God that it no longer responds to the plea of the life within her. Often the moment the little shoes are offered is the moment of truth. Will she respond with natural affection or has that heart been hardened and replaced by a reprobate mind (Romans 1:28)?  The woman who walks out that door empty handed usually proceeds to the abortion clinic. There an innocent human life is taken. Romans one concludes by saying that those who commit such things are worthy of death. 

The blackness of January 22,1973 has settled. We now understand its implications. We mourn the loss of 48 million babies. May we, who walk in the light, raise our voices in prayer and to our legislators in behalf of the innocent, silent ones whose lives are endangered in wombs of those who walk in darkness.

Cindy Colley


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Dear Baby G…


Dear Baby G,

You make life exciting these days, never knowing at which moment my phone may ring and I’ll be grabbing my bags and heading south; hoping I will make it in time to be with your mom and dad in the delivery room. I’ve never been anywhere but in the bed in a delivery room. I’m not sure how I will feel there with your dad watching the little girl to whom I gave birth giving birth to you. I’ve been trying to tell that girl, your mama, not to be afraid. I think maybe the health professionals these days give a few too many classes. They have your mom wondering if the most natural things in the world, like giving birth to you and breast-feeding you and nurturing you are extraordinary feats requiring exceptional ability. But you and I are on the same page about this. We know that just because you will be a boy with exceptional abilities to accomplish extraordinary feats, that doesn’t mean that it really takes a lot of know-how to get you going. God will just keep on doing what He has done for about 60 centuries and you will, with His help, make your entrance into the world whether your mom and dad remember all the stuff from childbirth class or not.

Still I am glad they wanted to go. You are a very blessed little boy. The majority of children in America today do not have two diligent parents who are married to and in love with each other. About one in five pre-born babies, like you, are not even wanted by their parents and their lives are terminated before they ever leave the womb. You are wanted, loved and joyfully anticipated by two parents and two sets of grandparents, neither of whom can quite comprehend why all of their friends who are grandparents have lost some of their social skills and a great many of their “other” interests. (You know who you are, you “Mimi”s and “Lolly”s.) I mean they seem normal till someone brings up some funny grandchild-ism.  Then the conversation turns into a senior talk tourney where the object is to keep one-upping the tales of grandchild antics and the champion is determined by who told the last and loudest “little punkin”  funny before the pictures started inevitably coming out. I said we do not fully understand the grandparent games, but I did not say, Baby G, that we do not want to play on your behalf!

And, by the way, sweet baby…your parents are crazy (in a good way, but they are crazy)! Did you know that while you were stretching and kicking and pushing with all your might on those hip bones, your mom and dad were moving into a new house??!! That right! At 39 weeks, your mom was moving! Thanks to Brian and Beth Giselbach, Glenn Colley, Mike, Beth and Will Tidwell and the great crew from Apologetics Press (…you should go buy a book and tell them I sent you!), we got that huge truck loaded! But did you know that the huge moving truck broke down on the way to that house and that all your sweet little belongings had to kind of slide toward the back of that truck as it was hooked up to a massive tow truck!!?? It was the sort of moving-truck-tow-truck day that you will dream about experiencing when you are three, but it was a nightmare for your folks. And then getting to your new house was an adventure, too. It was  three days without water and four days without hot water!  Your grandmother has not had a hot shower for three days now. (It feels like a South American mission trip!) And did you know that we checked into three hotels in a ten hour period as we tried to shield your mom (and me) from the cough we inevitably get from smoking rooms? (You can thank us later for the low numbers on your richter scale in there.)

But I said they are crazy in a good way. The good way is that all their moves, their decision-kind of moves and their real-truck-kind of moves, are because they love souls. I really believe that. And I really believe they love yours the most of all. They are in the business of helping kids to heaven as they work with Lads to Leaders and as Ben preaches for the Lightwood church. You are blessed to be in a family whose craziness is about the Lord’s business.

So some wee small hours in several mornings have made your sweet little room come together…and at last, I even got to wash your clothes…with running water! You have to move soon, too, and now you have a home!  It may be the only room in your house that is “together”, but you have a bed, a changing table, a chair for being rocked and a closet full of clean clothes. You are blessed. I can’t wait to help teach you to say please and thank-you to your crazy mother and father. But, mostly, I’m excited to teach you to say thank-you to your all-providing, all-wise Father. He is the One who is always there in every wee small hour, making sure you have a forever home! I love you, Baby G!

Sister to Sister: Where Are Our Non-Negotiables?

Unknown-7While driving home from Bible Study last night I heard a snippet of talk radio in which a Catholic man was being interviewed about his political work as a representative of “Catholic Answers”. The topic was a voter-guide pamphlet that has been published by his organization in which five non-negotiables are listed for Catholics to consider when they go to the polls. The non-negotiables, as listed for Catholics, are these:

Candidate must be opposed to:



Embryonic Stem-Cell Research

Human Cloning

Homosexual Marriage

Now, while I believe Catholics are responsible for one of the biggest religious perversions of “Christendom” existent in our day, I believe they are dead-on about this list. The talk show host then asked this man why these are the non-negotiables (Why not the economy, securing the borders or our involvement in the Israeli conflict?). The answer was a bit nebulous, but to be fair, I did not get to listen to all of the segment.

Why can’t we just say that God is the author/creator of life and, thus, it is sacred!? Four of these listed behaviors directly or indirectly involve the destruction of life. The fifth on the list is a slap in the face of God who repeatedly condemned homosexuality—the very act, much less the inclusion of that heinous sin in the definition of the marriage relationship that He also invented, instituted and protected in His Word!

Most importantly, why are the Catholics louder and more organized about this than we are in the body of Christ? Several years ago my husband was in a preacher’s meeting in which the idea that preachers should be saying things from the pulpit that could be construed as political was met with fervent opposition from some in the room. There are congregations today in which elders and deacons are supporting political leaders who are supportive of all of the items on the above list. They pledge allegiance to these leaders based on economic promises. Never mind that their political heroes are responsible, as a conglomerate, for the deaths of one out of every three pre-born babies in America today.

As a result of our failures to teach, our girls are getting abortions. Our teens are experimenting with homosexuality. Several times within the past few weeks I’ve been painfully reminded that our silence is paving the way for our own members to participate in the sins that will lead them to hell at the expense of the innocents. A member (in good standing) of a congregation in the Southeast U.S. makes her living as a nurse who preps women for abortions. She justifies this by the rationalization that she is not actually taking the life; she is only taking the blood. Besides, “Someone else will take the woman’s blood, if I quit this job.”  Another Christian sister in another state wrote to me descrying that fact that her grand-daughter, brought up in the church, also works in the abortion industry. I recently was upbraided for trying to convince a sister that the dozen or so babies that she has placed in a freezer (as she is enjoying the one or two she chose from the test tube) are living children and that she has a grave responsibility to them. She brought those lives into existence. (What are we thinking?) My husband recently traveled to another state to counsel a young member of the church as she revealed she had become involved in a relationship with a “girlfriend” at school. And, yet again, my husband was recently visiting in the home of  Christians in another state when they revealed to him that their child was  involved in homosexual pornography. And the list goes on…

Thankfully, all preachers are not silent. All elderships are not blind to the dangers. I applaud and am grateful for those brave church leaders who are vigilant even when the political landscape is a battleground.  Not all of these instances might have been prevented if we were boldly teaching the truth, even against the political and cultural tide. But some of them and some others would have. Some lives that are currently being snuffed out, would be preserved. Some children, and now many adults would be living and working and some would be leading our churches if we had been vocal all along.

I’ll close today with a  news article that I recently received from a friend.



A NICU nurse, who worked a long time at a Baptist Hospital in _________said, “When I first went to work in NICU I helped to care for a baby this size until it died, because it was too small and the lungs were too underdeveloped for the doctors to be able to do anything for it. We put it in an isolette and kept it warm and did all we could, but though it slept, and didn’t seem uncomfortable and didn’t cry or grimace, it couldn’t breathe right and I think it died in under half an hour. I then had the sad job to help to get it ready for burial, and take it back to its grieving mother.”

“Baptist had a special kit with a tiny hand-sewn dress, a ceramic footprint mold, a tiny little fleece-lined box like a bed, a sympathy card with a sweet poem about the baby’s early departure, etc. I think that particular baby was a girl, because the little care package I used was pink. That was the difference in the doctors’  attitudes at Baptist vs. the ones at a hospital  across town. At the other hospital they would have treated it like a “fetus.” At Baptist they treated it like a baby. I was so blessed to work in an environment like that.”

The saddest thing about this letter from my friend is not that it was her daughter who held this baby until it died. The saddest part was that she went on to state that her grand-daughter, this NICU nurse’s daughter, is now a nurse at the “other” hospital. Will you join me in praying for these three anonymous women? While we are at it, let’s pray that we, as Christian women, will have some non-negotiables as we vote and as we raise our children…as we vocally (not silently) remember the conveniently orphaned children who are daily being killed in the “other” hospitals around our country.





Sister to Sister: Like Mother, Like Daughter Part Ten

imagesJezebel and Athaliah

Mother/Daughter Bible Study—Part Ten

Between the Two of You:

Adult/Adult Study (If you are an altogether adult mother-daughter team)

Discuss or email back and forth your thoughts on the following:


  1. Read about the ostrich in Job 39:13-17. Why does she leave her eggs for other creatures to destroy? How are some human mothers today void of wisdom?
  2. Research those officials who are running for elected offices in your area(s) this election season. Determine which ones are pro-life. Choose one pro-life candidate or elected official. Write him/her a letter and express your support for his/her pro-life stance.


Adult/Teen Study (If you are a mom and teen daughter team)


1.  Watch the following video together and discuss:


Adult/Child Study (if you are a mom and child team)


(Be sure you tell your daughter, in age-appropriate terms, the material from the last post about Athaliah.)


  1. Discuss with your daughter the difference in killing an animal, like a fish for supper, and taking the life of a human. Talk about the eternal nature of the soul that God placed within man. Read Genesis 1:26, 27 and notice how man was different from the animals.
  2. Read Exodus 1:15-22 and talk about the cruel king who wanted to kill the Hebrew babies. Talk about how that babies are the most innocent of all people. Elicit a commitment from your daughter that she will do all she can to protect all babies who may be in danger throughout her lifetime.