Cyber Monday — Get the “New Stuff”!

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We tried to think of what you might like best from the Colley House for your Christmas list. We decided maybe you’d like the 2017 additions to our store. Know someone who is a teen girl or a mom of a teen (or pre-teen) girl? Have a friend who loves to study the Word? Do you have anybody on your list at all? …because anybody on the planet (believer or non-believer) needs the new book by Ben Giselbach. So here’s the package you can get to check off three names on your list with something you know can be eternally good for them! Today through December 15th, you can get the three for 20% off!

  1. Finding Him by Rebekah Colley. It’s what Rebekah wishes had been available in print for her own teen years. “It’s what I needed to know,” she says. She’s 22 now and has a way of teaching teen girls that’s unique and personable. Your daughter will grow in Christ.
  2. Great Escapes by Cindy Colley. This is my favorite “Digging Deep” study so far. It’s for any woman in any season in any year. There are optional online archived discussions of the material by the author. They can easily be found if someone would like to dig even deeper. This study has helped me personally in practical ways.
  3. You Are A Theologian by Ben Giselbach. The subtitle for this one is “Thinking Right about God.” If there’s someone on your list who is doubting His existence, His benevolence, His authority, or His plan for our lives, this is a perfect gift.

While supplies last, when you purchase all three, save 20%. Be sure you personalize these by writing a thoughtful note in the front before you wrap them up and give them away–a note of encouragement or evangelism. Gifts are fun. Gifts that are spiritual in nature are fun and SO much more.


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